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  • How can I find the initialisation string for my modem/ISDN TA to use in the Internet Server? Przeczytaj
  • IS-Admin Discovers the internet server. However when I press "Configuration" I get an error message saying "No Response." Why? Przeczytaj
  • How can I discover the Internet server after it has been assigned an invalid IP address? Przeczytaj
  • Can I monitor the access of the Internet when using Internet Server? Przeczytaj

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DP-692 Manual DP-692 Manual - PDF 0.68mb Pobierz
Wersja Opis Data Typ
Firmware v2.10 2.10 Firmware v2.10 05.01.2000 - Pobierz
Firmwave v2.00 2.00 Firmwave v2.00 24.06.1999 - Pobierz
Wersja Opis Data
DEU_FW_Readme_RevA Readme file for Firmware upgrades. - Pobierz