Frequently asked questions

  • How do I change the login password? Lees antwoord
  • How do I set up the camera using the mydlink app ? Lees antwoord
  • How do I login to my router? Lees antwoord
  • I cannot find my DNS-323 on the network using the Easy Search Utility. Is my DNS-323 broken? Lees antwoord
  • Why can´t I see my files, on the first drive, after adding a second drive in my DNS 320/321/323/325? Lees antwoord
  • How do I change the SSID/network name of the extended networks? Lees antwoord
  • Wat moet ik doen indien ik het wachtwoord van het toestel NIET kan instellen? Lees antwoord
  • Why won't my two DHP powerline devices connect together? Lees antwoord
  • What is WDS? Lees antwoord
  • How do I open up ports to my computer (port forwarding) on this router? Lees antwoord

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