Does Web Content keyword block ASCII code content? How does it work?

It supports multiple encoding methods for different languages,and the Java applet will encode the input keyword according to thedefault encoding setting of the management console. If the inputkeyword string is not in ASCII characters, then it first will beencoded into a sequence of bytes using the default character set ofthe management client and saved to the device. The device willfilter out the packets with the matching byte sequence. Forexample, if the user runs the management client on a PC and itsdefault character set is Cpl 512 (Russian), and the user enters thekeyword "?????????? ???????". According to Cp1512, the givenkeyword will be encoded as the following byte sequence:

[OxFO, OxE5, OxF8, OxE5, OxF2, OxF7, OxEO, OxF2, OxEO, OxFF,0x20, OxFl, OxE8,

OxFl, OxF2, OxE5, OxEc, OxEO]

Packets with a matching byte sequence will be filtered out asthe device receives them. However, the same string encoded in adifferent way will pass through the device provided no other filtercatches it.

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