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Modernisation of wireless connectivity and network infrastructure in support of distance learning (DL)

The town council's network core is fully equipped with Top-of-Rack 10 gibabit DXS-3400 managed switches

Hem has focused all its skills and know-how on realising its regional development plan for decades.

WifiZone – Wireless revolution in the community areas

Free quality Wi-Fi services all around Budapest, Hungary.

Rychlá síť D-Link pro výrobce nejrychlejších vrat na světě

zrychlení podnikové sítě

D-Link poskytuje zábavu a bezpečnost na koupališti Letka v Nové Dubnici

Wi-Fi síť a kamerový systém pro nové koupaliště

D-Link Scores Again

Network Solution for Hungarian Football Stadiums

High-Speed Campus Wi-Fi at School

Gottlieb-Daimler-School implements campus Wi-Fi.

High availability and high connectivity in Stockholm

D-Link’s switches deliver a robust, reliable and very secure infrastructure for their customers.

Network infrastructure innovations enabling new management opportunities

The D-Link products guarantee excellent network performance and allow for management of scalability thanks to the transition to 10-gigabit Ethernet for the building backbones.