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  • My Windows operating system did not auto detect my adapter. What can I do to resolve this? Přečtěte si odpověď
  • I am unable to ping other computers on my network which I know are working. What can I check to resolve this problem? Přečtěte si odpověď

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Datasheet (English) - PDF 0.20mb Stáhnout
Version Description Date Type File Size
Manual (English) Manual (English) 1. 9. 1999 PDF 0.07mb Stáhnout
Version Description Date
DEU_Drivers_v1_00_RevAll DGE-500SX Drivers v1.00 7. 11. 2000 Stáhnout
DEU_Drivers_v2_00_RevAll DGE-500SX Drivers v2.00 15. 10. 1999 Stáhnout
DEU_Drivers_Linux_revAll DGE-500SX Linux Drivers 12. 10. 1999 Stáhnout