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Designed specifically for the Small Office/Home Office, the DFL-210 Network Security Firewall has numerous flexible features to help you manage, monitor and maintain a healthy and secure network.

The NetDefend family of Firewall/VPN Security Appliances is D-Link’s answer for hardware-based network security. The new D-Link Network Security Firewall (DFL-210) is an easy-to-deploy VPN and firewall solution designed specifically for the Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) market that demands superior performance and security.

Advanced Hardware Features
The DFL-210 is a powerful security solution that provides integrated Network Address Translation (NAT), SPI Firewall, advanced content filtering features, IDS protection, bandwidth management, as well as Virtual Private Network (VPN) support. The DFL-210 hardware includes four trusted LAN ports, a WAN port, and a user-configurable DMZ port to support local servers such as e-mail, Web, and FTP. The DMZ port can also be reconfigured as a WAN fail-over port. All of these features conveniently fit into a desktop chassis that can be easily integrated into your network.

Enterprise-class Security
To provide enterprise-class network security, the DFL-210 has several flexible firewall features to manage, monitor, and maintain a healthy and secure network. Network management features include: Remote Management, Bandwidth Control Policies, URL/Keyword Blocking, Access Policies, and SNMP. For network monitoring, the DFL-210 supports e-mail alerts, system log, consistency checks, and real-time statistics. These features along with a firmware backup function provide and maintain maximum network performance and security.

VPN Performance
For optimal VPN configuration, the DFL-210 has an integrated VPN Client and Server to support almost any required VPN policy. This high-end appliance has a hardware VPN engine to support and manage up to 100 VPN configurations. The DFL-210 can support IPSec, PPTP, and L2TP protocols in Client/Server mode and can handle pass-through traffic as well. Advanced VPN configuration options include: DES/3DES/AES/Twofish/Blowfish/CAST-128 encryption, Manual or IKE/ISAKMP key management, Quick/Main/Aggressive Negotiation modes, and VPN authentication support using either an external RADIUS server or the internal 500-user database.

Configurable User Interface
The DFL-210 features an intuitive user interface that can easily be configured via D-Link’s Web-based interface and monitored using the Command Line Interface (CLI). These configuration options can be managed through Admin, Read/Write, or Read-only administrator rights. With these access management levels, any authorized user can easily configure or access the administrative functions of the DFL-210.

With businesses becoming increasingly network-dependent, the need to invest in a reliable security solution is crucial. The D-Link DFL-210 Network Security Firewall offers high return on investment through robust security features, flexible configuration, and maximum network protection for SOHO networks.
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Quick Installation Guide

2013-04-26 PDF 1.31mb Download
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Firmware upgrade v. all Firmware upgrade v. all 2009-09-23 Download
Firmware upgrade v2.20.02.12 Firmware upgrade v2.20.02.12 2008-08-06 Download
Firmware upgrade v2.20.01.05 Firmware upgrade v2.20.01.05 2008-04-16 Download
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SE_Block_Facebook_EN_RevA How to block (English) 2007-09-07 Download
SE_VPN_Configure_Traffic_Management_For_QoS_EN_RevA How to configure traffic management for Quality of Service assurance (English) 2007-08-02 Download
DEU_CE_A1_RevA Certificate of Declaration A1 2006-06-28 Download
SE_User_Authentication_for_Web_Access_EN_RevA Require user authentication for web access (English) 2005-11-24 Download
SE_210_VPN_using_IPSec_LAN_to_LAN_Tunnel_EN_RevA Virtual private network using an IPsec lan-to-lan tunnel (English) 2005-10-20 Download
SE_Configure_Transparent_Mode_EN_RevA How to configure transparent mode (English) 2005-10-20 Download
SE_VLAN_and_Route_Failover_EN_RevA VLAN and route failover (English) 2005-10-20 Download
SE_VPN_LAN_to_Multi_LAN_EN_RevA Configure lan-to-lan tunnels between a main office and two remote offices (sometimes called Hub and Spoke) (English) 2005-10-20 Download
SE_VPN_Using_PPTP_LAN_to_LAN_Tunnel_EN_RevA Virtual private network using a PPTP (or L2TP) lan-to-lan tunnel (English) 2005-10-20 Download
DEU_CLI_Guide_RevA CLI Reference Guide (English) - Download
DEU_Log_Reference_RevA Log Reference Guide (English) - Download
SE_Configure_PPTP_Server_for_Remote_Users_EN_RevA How do I configure the PPTP Server, of my DFL-210/800/1600, for remote users (English) - Download
SE_Forward_Traffic_to_Server_on_Network_EN_RevA How to forward traffic to a server on the network (English) - Download
SE_IPSEC_tunnel_for_Roaming_Users_EN_RevA How to create an IPSEC tunnel for roaming users (English) - Download
SE_Portmapping_a_Public_IP_EN_RevA Portmapping a public IP (English) - Download
SE_Public_IP_Addresses_on_DMZ_Zone_RevA Guide för att använda publika IP adresser på DMZ zonen - Download
SE_Publish_Public_IP_via_Proxy_arp_EN_RevA How to publish public IP via proxy arp (English) - Download
SE_WAN_with_DHCP_EN_RevA WAN with DHCP (English) - Download
SE_WAN_with_PPPOE_EN_RevA WAN with PPPOE (English) - Download
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