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Wi‑Fi Access Points that deliver faster speeds.

D-Link’s superior Access Points are used in all types of businesses, organisations, and corporations around the world.

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Faster speeds and powerful coverage.
Connect your workforce to a better business network.

We are the number 1 world leaders in Standalone Access Points1 and we have already sold more than 10 million units2.

Our Wi-Fi technology works with state-of-the-art solutions (Wave 2, MU-MIMO), easy deployment (PoE) and is suitable for environments with high user density that demand transparent roaming and maximum data security.

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We're Wi‑Fi Experts

We’ve sold over 10 million access points for a reason. Our technology works, is simple to deploy, and cost‑effective to maintain.

DAP Software-Managed Access Points

Nuclias Connect Software‑Managed Access Points

DAP Series

Manage up to 1000 of these APs with the free Central Wi‑Fi Manager.

DBA Nuclias Access Points

Nuclias Cloud‑Managed Access Points

DBA Series

Manage unlimited APs from anywhere with the Nuclias app or a web browser.

DWL Hardware-Managed Access Points

Hardware‑Managed Access Points

DWL Series

Get more from these APs utilising the DWL family with a resilient hardware controller.

Multiple Wireless Management Options

From a single AP to a completely cloud-managed multi-site organisation, there's a management option to get the job done. Select the one that matches your requirements and find out which products support it.

Complete cloud‑managed networking

Manage your network through the cloud, without the complexity or cost.

Our Nuclias cloud solution allows any organisation with any level of IT resource to quickly and easily set up, configure, monitor, troubleshoot, and manage their network deployment remotely through a web browser, or the dedicated Nuclias iPad App.


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Impact Hub, Stockholm (Sweden)

A seamless, one‑stop wireless solution.

”D-Link’s network solution gave us a wireless network that was seven times faster. That gives me a competitive advantage, satisfied tenants and peace of mind.”

Jesper Kjellerås, Founder & Director, Impact Hub.

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 WiFi Planner Pro

Wi‑Fi Planner Pro Tool
Plan and simulate Access Point deployments

The Wi-Fi Planner Pro tool enables you to see Wi-Fi environments prior to deployment. It makes planning and communicating WLAN deployments with clients a lot easier. Wi-Fi Planner Pro is one of the free tools available on the D-Link Partner Portal which is exclusive to D-Link Partners.

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Showing 9 of 38 products

1 Based on internal shipment numbers, 2000-2015.
2 Source: Gartner, "Enterprise WLAN Stand-Alone Access Points, Unit Shipments, Worldwide, 4Q16" March 2017.