Will my VPN connection drop if I don't have a static IP on the WAN port?

Traditionally your VPN tunnel would drop, if your dynamicWAN IP address changes. This is because the VPN settings include aRemote Secure Gateway field, which needs to be identical to theremote site's DSL-G804V.

The DSL-G804V has a DDNS function, therefore where a static IPis needed, you can use a domain name instead.


Register with one of the services in the list, and enterthe hostname, username and password. Apply, save and restart.

Login to router and go to the status page if you have a newIP address under WAN.

Allow PING by setting Firewall not to discard PING requests.

Test the DDNS by rebooting the router, and PING your hostnamefrom your computer.

ping myhostname.mine.nu

If you can PING the DDNS domain name, you can also use it inyour VPN setup, instead of an IP address in Remote SecureGateway

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