Bytesize Dynamic Domain Name Server
Why and how to install a Dynamic Domain Name server (DDNS) on D-Link routers
Bytesize How and why to set up VPNs
Bytesize How and why to set up VPNs
A VPN provides a seamless Internet connection between a remote device and your home network or office server. Watch this video to find out how to set it up on our routers
Covr your home
Webinar Covr your home with WiFi
The concept is simple: Mesh WiFi extends the signal of your wireless router so you can get reliable Internet access anywhere in your home or office. D-Link's experts will take you through some of the most important features and advantages of Mesh to help you refine your customer messaging and find new avenues to sales!
Bytesize Quality of service
Quality of Service allows you to train your router to divide your available bandwidth between applications, improving the performance for more critical network traffic. See this video for how to set it up on your D-Link router
How to VLANs
How to set up VLANs
Virtual LANs (VLANs) allow networks to be divided into separate broadcast domains. In a typical Layer 2 network, all hosts connected to the same switch are on the same broadcast domain. Without the use of VLANs, each network segment would be required to have its own switch infrastructure, with routers managing communication between each switch segment. Join D-Link's Technical Pre-sales Engineer - Craig Kirby and Marketing Manager Alan Jones as we talk through VLans, how to set up and how they can help you
Switch your switch
Switch your Switch
When it comes to choosing  switches, businesses that require greater control over their network invest in managed switches because of their advanced customisation configuration features that simplify and optimise network maintenance.
5G Banner
Webinar 5G
With multiple 5G products hitting the market this year, join this D-Link webinar to learn a bit more about what 5G is, how it go so fast and how you can use this in the office or home.
D-Link Industrial Ethernet Switches
Smarter environments start with intelligent connectivity. Find out more about D-Link's industrial Ethernet solution at
mydlink Setup 14 - Adding shortcuts to your home screen
mydlink Setup Video 01 - Introduction