How do I perform a Firmware Recovery for my DWL-3600AP?

Requirements:     Refresh Files:

– Console cable     refresh_files(1224102018).7z
– PuTTy
– Tftp Server     

Step 1 – Insert one end of a RJ45 cable into the LAN(PoE) port of the DWL-3600 and connect to your PC

Step 2 – Configure your LAN card as follows:

IP address:
Subnet Mask:
Default gateway: (APs default bootloader IP)

Step 3 – Download PuTTy software from the following link:

Download the putty.exe

Step 4 – Download a tftp server (you could use the following link):

(Install the Standard edition (installer) 32bit or 64bit depending on your OS)

Step 5 – Insert the console cable into related port on the DWL-3600AP then install PuTTY and configure as follows:


Serial line to connect to: COM3 (The above will be present in device manager)

Speed (Baud rate): 115200

Data bits: 8

Stop bits: 1

Parity: None

Flow Control: None

Step 6 – Install tftp Server then configure as follows:

Current Directory: C:\Program Files\Tftpd64

Server interfaces: (IP from Step 2)


Step 7 – Unzip the .7z folder and transfer ALL files to the root directory of the tfp server (C:\Program Files\Tftpd64)

Step 8 – Click on “Open” on PuTTY to start the connection via console

Step 9 – Hit enter key and you should be presented with the Login screen

DLINK-WAN-AP login: admin {Enter}

Password: admin

Step 10 – Type the following command

Step 11 – Once rebooting wait until for “Press Ctrl+C for CFE boot loader menu.”

If you have done this in time, you should expect to see the following screen. If not wait for next login then execute the command: reboot

Step 12 – Enter the following commands (copy and paste):

CFE> flash -noheader flash0.kernel1


CFE> flash -noheader flash0.jffs2


flash –no header flash0.cramfs1


CFE> reboot

Step 13 – Once a complete reboot has finalised, you should download the latest firmware and upgrade (twice) to ensure both images are flashed.

Step 14 – Factory reset the AP by pressing and holding reset button for 10 seconds

Please note once reset the default IP will be: and you will need to adjust your LAN setting on the PC connected to be on the same subnet.
*If the tftp server gives a failure message, please turn off the firewall and /or any antivirus program that may block its correct functionality

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