Network management, refreshed.

Automate, monitor, manage and scale your network without the complexity or cost.

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Convenient network management.

Managing a network for your business should be simple, intuitive, flexible and cost-effective.

Whether you're a small business looking for an easy out-of-the-box network solution, or a larger organisation looking for robust functionality and end-to-end control, Nuclias has the flexibility to make onboarding, studying, troubleshooting, and reporting your network activity quick and easy.

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Easily manage your network on the go.

You and your team can monitor and manage your network from anywhere through our app or a web browser.

Keep on top of any management tasks like creating guest networks, adding Wi-Fi to additional locations, updating devices and keeping your network secure.

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We offer two solutions as part of the Nuclias family, to match your specific requirements:

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Simple cloud‑managed networking

Nuclias Cloud is a fully‑hosted solution that’s simple, intuitive, and designed for unlimited scalability. It allows you to manage the entire network from anywhere, anytime, through the easy‑to‑use interface on the Nuclias Cloud app or through a web browser.

Perfect for:
  Small businesses with minimal to no IT team
  Low skill-level knowledge of IT
  Need a simple, scalable setup
 Plug-and-connect deployments

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Customisable local management

Nuclias Connect is our free‑to‑download network management software that's hosted locally. Or use as a cloud solution by hosting on a public cloud service. It’s robust, customisable and delivers cost‑effective scalability and easy integration into existing network infrastructure.

Perfect for:
  Small-to-medium businesses
  Medium knowledge of IT admin
  Need to keep sensitive data on-site
  Requires dedicated on-site resources
  May use existing D-Link APs

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