D‑Link Scores Again

Network Solution for Hungarian Football Stadiums

D‑Link Scores Again

Network Solution for Hungarian Football Stadiums

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The Hungarian Football Federation is the governing body of football in Hungary. It organises the Hungarian league and the Hungarian national team. Additionally, it is responsible for stadiums and football clubs across the country. Just like any business, they need to respond to demands for better connectivity as bandwidth requirements increase.


Stadiums are extremely challenging environments for providing stable & reliable Wi-Fi coverage. Both network and client density can be extremely high, especially during match times. With many users simultaneously uploading videos and pictures, the network can slow down to a crawl.


For the core switching, the DXS-3600 24-Port Layer 3 Stackable 10G Fibre Managed Switch was selected for its 10G fibre capabilities so as to keep up with peak time demand. Furthermore, hot-swappable fans and two hot-swappable power modules meant high degrees of redundancy, to avoid any unwelcome surprises. The DWC-2000 Wireless Controller was utilised for its ability to be at the heart of large Access Point deployments. It can manage up to 64 APs, straight out of the box. Secondly, it supports multiple SSIDs and guest captive portal. Segmenting guests acts as an extra level of security for the entire network, as well as keeping bandwidth open for mission-critical functions. Guest Captive Portal data capture can be further used to drive business. To provide a stable and powerful wireless network, the DWL‑8610AP Unified Wireless Dual‑Band Access Point was brought into play. Combined with the Wireless Controller, it is able to provide a seamless network, enabling people to move about freely without losing connectivity. It also has throughput of up to 1750 Mbps to cope with even the busiest peak times.


A cost-effective switching and wireless solution for nine stadiums and clubs across Hungary. Happy football fans who can now share videos and photos of the game, while it happens.

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