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Enterprise 10-Gigabit Switches in the Computational Chemistry Cluster at the University of Barcelona

D-Link has provided 10-Gigabit Managed Switches for network infrastructure, providing fibre-based access to the Institute of Chemistry’s (IQTCUB) new calculation cluster.

Wi-Fi and the cloud help to transform teaching and education.

30 new Wi-Fi access points will be installed over the coming year, with the Nuclias Cloud architecture ensuring unlimited scalability.

ADR logistics GLC Providing full wireless coverage without any outage

D-Link staff made a pilot system to migrate the existing configuration into the new system where the Customer made a lot of compatibility tests.

Network infrastructure innovations enabling new management opportunities

The D-Link products guarantee excellent network performance and allow for management of scalability thanks to the transition to 10-gigabit Ethernet for the building backbones.

The town council's network core is fully equipped with Top-of-Rack 10 gibabit DXS-3400 managed switches

Hem has focused all its skills and know-how on realising its regional development plan for decades.

Modernisation of wireless connectivity and network infrastructure in support of distance learning (DL)

The new D-Link devices added to the school network have allowed the wireless network peripherals and management hubs to be quickly updated, ensuring easy installation and simple configuration to make the Institute digital-ready in record time.

High 4G connectivity for capacity control in Metrovalencia (FGV) with the Dioxinet CAPPACV platform

D-Link has provided its 4G M2M DWM-312 industrial routers for installation in Metrovalencia FGV (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana) trains.

Hungarian Academy of Science Switching and Wireless Solutions

The Hungarian Academy of Science had to solve the issues of co-working with and across a number of different institutions, in different sites, with different needs.

Direct from your hotel room to your private cinema lounge

Cinema 8 offers an exceptional high-tech world of entertainment.

Wincheap Foundation Primary School Improves Speed and Coverage with D-Link’s Latest Centrally Managed Network

“Due to the dramatic increase in devices across the school it was essential for us to upgrade our wireless infrastructure.” Phil Wilson, Senior ICT & Performing Arts Technician at Wincheap School