How do I connect my DSM-G600 to my exisiting wireless network?

Note: This document was created using version 1.02 of thefirmware. The pages on your device may appear different if you arenot using the same version.

  1. Using an Ethernet cable to connect to the DSM-G600, log in tothe web configuration interface.
  2. When you are presented with the front page, click on theWireless button. This will bring up theWireless Settings page.


  3. On the Wireless Settings page, setMode to Client, ensurethat Wireless is Enabledand Connection Mode isInfrastructure. Click on SiteSurvey. Note: if your network is configured to notbroadcast an SSID, i.e. is hidden, you will need to enter your SSIDmanually.


  4. On the Site Survey screen that pops up, searchfor your network in the list and select it by checking the radiobutton next to it. If it is not in the list, try clickingthe Refresh button; if it still fails toshow up, your access point may be out of range or set to hidethe SSID. Note: if the Site Survey window does not popup, yourInternet browser may be setup to block popup windows. In most casesit will notify you of this and provide instructions on how to allowpopups.
  5. Click the Connect button. You should receive anotification informing you that the connection was establishedsuccessfully, and the SSID of your wireless network should appearin the list at the bottom of the page. Click Exitto go back to the Wireless Settings page.
  6. If you do not have any security enabled on your network, youneed only click Apply. Otherwise, please go to thenext step.
  7. Select the Security Mode appropriate to yournetwork from the drop-down list. Most likely, this will either beWEP orWPA-PSK.
  8. Enter the correct key and options for that key into theappropriate fields. These settings are unique to your network, sowe are unable to provide them here. ClickApply.

Once the DSM-G600 has saved your settings and restarteditself, it will connect to your wireless network and you should beable to access it wirelessly.

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