How do I uninstall the DWL-AG530?

In Windows XP / Windows 2000

Go to Start - Programs - D-Link AirPremier and clickUninstall. Complete the uninstall wizard and shut down thesystem. Once shut down, unplug the power and carefully removethe card from the PCI slot. Once rebooted, theuninstall is complete. You can also access the uninstall softwarein Control Panel - Add and remove programs.

In Windows Me / Windows 98 SE

Uninstall the DWL-G650 from the programs folder inthe start menu. Alternatively use the uninstallutility from the control panel, Add or remove programs.Whencomplete, shut down the system. Once shut down, unplug the powerand carefully remove the card from the PCIslot. Once rebooted, the uninstall is complete.

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