Users of the complimentary D-Link DDNS service should have recently received an e-mail (with the subject "To our D-Link and Dyn Users — Action Required.") from our partner Dyn (Dyn - [email protected]) requesting verification that you are still an active user of this service. This required you to click on the link within the e-mail (a copy of which is a the bottom of this notice) and then verify by entering your username, password, serial number and MAC address of your D-Link product.

Please note:

  • You are required to confirm your account within 90 days of the notice in order to continue enjoying the complimentary service from D-Link.
  • When entering the MAC address for verification, please make sure you include ":". i.e., if the MAC address on your product label shows 123456789ABC, you should enter this as 12:34:56:78:9A:BC.
  • After you click "Send Confirmation", please check the e-mail you have used to register your D-Link DDNS service and you should receive an e-mail from "Dyn Support". Click the confirmation link within. In some rare cases, the e-mail might have been accidently filed into the Junk folder. Please check your Junk folder if you do not receive the confirmation e-mail.


To our D-Link and Dyn Users — Action Required.

We are upgrading the D-Link DDNS platform and need to verify that you are still an active user of the service.  As a user of a hostname supplied by Dyn (aka DynDNS) with a D-Link product, you are required to confirm your account within 90 days of this notice.  

Go here to re-register your D-Link product. You’ll need to have your product’s serial number and MAC address in order to complete this process. During the process, we will be verifying if you are a D-Link product owner. Only one account can register per device.

Following confirmation of this process, you can continue using your D-Link registered product without interruption. D-Link’s arrangement with Dyn provides you with a hostname and free dynamic DNS for the period specified for the product (generally up to six months). Where certain products include longer periods for the free service, your service will remain free for the extended period specified. You will receive a notice by email prior to the renewal date, if applicable.

If you are unable to confirm your registration and believe this to be in error, you will need to contact D-Link Support. Note: this manual verification process may take up to 7 business days to complete.

For non-DDNS enabled D-Link product owners or owners of non-D-Link products, please visit the Dyn website for other offerings from Dyn. The D-Link DDNS service is only for owners of D-Link products with DDNS functionality enabled.

The verification process must be completed within 90 days of this notice. All unverified hostnames will be removed after the 90 day period. If you have any questions, please contact D-Link Support or visit our D-Link Registration FAQ documentation.


Dyn and D-Link