10 Gigabit and Beyond

10 Gigabit and Beyond

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10 Gigabit and Beyond

Though many businesses are aware of 10 Gigabit networking, what a large number don’t realise is the opportunity it presents - both technically and financially - to their organisation. 

Businesses around the world are continually battling with bottlenecks within workplace networks, but with Wave 2 Wi-Fi and 10 Gigabit networks these limitations on productivity can be removed. Fast seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, reaching every corner of the office is an expectation, which can be delivered through multiple access points; ensuring the company remains connected within itself, and its data. Unfortunately fast Wi-Fi networks are only part of the answer to the business conundrum of data availability and access.

But with the implementation of new networks follows a whole host of questions, from cost to migration, D-Link explains how to implement these solutions seamlessly and the benefits they will bring.  

In this article Neil Patel, Director European Marketing and Business Development at D-Link Europe, discusses:

  • Basics of 10 Gigabit  
  • The benefits of 10 Gigabit network for businesses 
  • Why it is critical to invest
  • How it benefits and impacts other products

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Neil Patel, Director European Marketing and Business Development

A highly-regarded voice in the networking industry, Neil Patel has spearheaded D-Link's European Marketing and Business Development for nearly a decade.