Complete cloud‑managed networking

Cloud networking, without the complexity or cost.

Wi-Fi coverage and network capacity are provided by high-performance Access Points and Managed Switches deployed on site, while configuration and ongoing management can be carried out remotely through a web browser or tablet - making it easy for you to install and manage customers' networks.



Provide an efficient network built for the future. Easily manage multiple sites, and see detailed reports.

Retail chains

Retail Chains

Provide a fully customisable interface with your customer's' logo for brand awareness.



See live usage and reports organised by past dates, times, and locations.



Deploy access points quickly and efficiently and maintain them remotely from the cloud.

Simple to install ‑ easier to manage

Cloud‑based management cuts costs of deployment and ongoing management

With Nuclias, network configurations and software updates are pushed to the remote devices through the cloud, without the need to have specialised equipment or personnel onsite.

No additional training, no additional costs; customers pay for what they need, with the ability to scale back or expand, in line with their business' demand.

Unlimited scalability of supported APs.

Efficient centralised cloud-based management.

Easy to maintain

See your customers grow

If a customer's access point goes down, you can simply replace it to fix the issue. No late night configuration or big overhauls required. And if a customer wants to add a new site or expand an existing one, it's easy to incorporate it into your pay-as-you-grow offering.

✔ Hassle-free with predictable annual costs

✔ No in-house IT management or engineering visits required

✔ Single to multi-site scalability

✔ No huge investment to start

Simple Deployment

No need to send your most experienced engineer out to install. With Nuclias' Zero‑Touch Deployment, it's as easy as powering up and plugging in the equipment.



Mount the first Access Point and plug it into an existing powered switch.



Import to e‑inventory and add to your account.



Configure devices by selecting UID, Profile, Site, and License.



Your settings are pushed to your devices via cloud hosted management.

Elevate your offering

A better service for repeat business

Networks are our specialty. Nuclias by D-Link is competitively priced and produces attractive margins, while providing your customers with a robust network with the simplicity and straightforward connectivity they need.

Automated monitoring and alerts

If something goes wrong, Nuclias notifies you via email, so . you can take proactive steps to resolve problems and provide a better service - creating more repeat business and opportunities.

Implement and profit fast

With Nuclias, you can deliver a quick turnaround from sale to install to invoicing. True zero-touch cloud provisioned access points and switches make it very simple.

Profit from predictable costs

You can set your pay-as-you-grow pricing based on our simple, fixed costs. With no over-provisioning or additional license fees, it's easy to understand what to charge and to forecast your profits.

The future of networking

D‑Link's Nuclias keeps you up to date with your customers' network from anywhere, anytime. See usage reports and detailed analysis, receive alerts to keep you informed, add devices to locations, and more features to maintain uptime.

Maintain networks on the cloud

Intuitive interface

Maintain networks like never before

Easily manage one to unlimited access points from a single interface, get an instant overview of live usage and network health, delegate access to teams, see maps that show the location of all devices, and upload floor plans so you know exactly where they are. And provide your customers with a customisable portal they can be proud of - one with their own brand logo.

Detailed statistics and reports of network usage across time and locations.

Customisable Portal for brand awareness.

Remote management made easy.

Easily access the Nuclias tablet app from anywhere in the world. Monitor and manage your customer's network devices remotely. Now resellers can stay in front of any demands like creating guest networks, adding Wi-Fi to additional locations, updating devices and looking after network security.

Automated monitoring & alerts, anywhere, anytime.

Add new devices to the network and update remotely.

Remote Management
Reliability assured

Nuclias is built on a tried and trusted cloud platform.

It features high availability with 24x7 automated failure detection and cross time zone support for rapid escalation across multiple teams, and multilingual access. Performance is optimised by servers that automatically scale to meed performance demands.

A proven, secure network & trusted platform

Nuclias offers high-performance Access Points and Smart-managed Switches managed by a centralised cloud-based control, and deploys over 50,000 cloud-managed networks on a trusted, tier 1 global service platform.

Why D‑Link?

We're a global company with a local touch, and we'll support you all the way.

Over 95% of resellers that have direct contact with us say they're happy with the service we provide, and 96% are happy with our technical support.

We've seen how other cloud-managed network solutions have been placed out of the reach of many businesses, so we've designed Nuclias to be as accessible as possible, without compromise to quality.

All the features your customers need


Zero-Touch Deployment technology

Zero-touch deployments body


Auditable change logs

Role based access control

Role-based administration


Authentication via customisable captive portal, 802.1x and RADIUS server

WiFi cloud

Social login for Wi-Fi access supported

Reports and data

Advanced traffic report and data analysis

Friendly Interface and easy to use

Intuitive web-based interface with multilingual support

Network monitoring

Automatic monitoring and alerts

Firmware upgrades

Over-the-web firmware upgrades

Events log

Searchable network-wide event log


Intuitive VLAN Configuration


Cloud-based RF Optimisation

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