D-Link Edge Cloud Solution - Network Agility for Enterprise loT Management

We’re changing the way you work

Easy to Deploy, Manage & Scale

Effortlessly deploy, configure, and manage multiple networks remotely via a web portal.

Future-Proofed for 5G Migration

The D-ECS software platform utilises 5G-native architecture that’s built for compatibility with future integrations of 5G devices.

Great Network Control & Visibility

Monitor your private network through real-time diagnostics, usage analytics and status reports.


Cyber attacks can cause network failure for IoT devices. That’s why we’ve extended security beyond protecting sensitive information by including dual-SIM (quad-SIM for vehicle applications) routers for redundancy, to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for mission-critical applications.

- End-to-End Encryption
- Multi-Tenant Access
- Role-Based Administration
- Dual-SIM Redundancy


Mission-critical applications are downtime intolerant. Automated network task services alleviate administrators of routine tasks, saving more time for network monitoring and preventive maintenance. D-ECS also features automatic failure detection and alerts to resolve network issues quickly and efficiently.

- Configuration Updates
- Scheduled Firmware Upgrades
- Failure Detection/Alert
- Automated Reports
- Routine Reboots


D-ECS takes scalability to a higher standard with Zero Touch Deployment using cloud management for effortless network expansions. Able to support a virtually unlimited number of edge devices, D-ECS is ideal for managing LTE/5G networks.

- Zero Touch Deployment
- On-Demand Scalability
- Unlimited Network Expansions
- Batch Cloud Configuration


D-ECS enables a comprehensive view of network infrastructure at a glance with real-time monitoring and status reports. All edge device locations are conveniently shown in an integrated Google Maps display.

- Map Display of Network Nodes
- GPS Location & Route History
- Event Filtering
- Searchable Event Log

Multi-Protocol Support

Eclipse MQTT broker for M2M device communication

GPX metadata for GPS routing info

SNMP for network monitoring & ONVIF S for IP camera configuration

TR111, TR143, TR069 & TR098 for CPE & ACS communication

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