How to Setup Virtual Stacking (SIM) ‑ DGS‑1500‑Series

Virtual Stacking ( SIM )

Use the following steps to implement the "Single IP Management" functionality:

1) First choose the unit that will become the “Commander Switch”, which also means “Master” and then a switch that will become the “Candidate” or “Slave” device.

2) Select the "Enabled" and then click “Apply” to activate single IP management (SIM). To locate this feature go to:
L3 Functions> Single IP Management > SIM Global Settings

3) After enabling “SIM” and saving changes this option you will need to select the “Role State” (Commander or Candidate) - Select the option depending on the role they play and click “Apply”

4) To save changes – Click Save > Save configuration and then click “Save Settings” to save and complete setup.

Once the above procedures have completed you can view the following options:

Firmware Upgrade
Configuration File Backup / Restore
Upload Log File options


Click on “Topology” (be sure to activate the java) and then you will see your devices – “Click” view and select “Topology” on devices configured as candidate, right mouse over selection and select Add to Group, it will ask for the password of the switch.  If you have not set any particular password, the default would be no password (empty) so click “OK”. Once complete, you will have the SIM information of associated equipment.

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