How to Apply an IP Address to DSR-500N and DSR-1000N via CLI?


– Console cable
– PuTTy

Step 1 – Download PuTTy software from the following link:

Download the putty.exe

Step 2 – Connect the serial port of the DSR with your PC

Step 3 – Open PuTTy and setup a COM port (this will be present in device manager)

Step 4 – Click on “Open”

Step 5 – Hit enter key and you should be presented with the Login screen

DSR-1000N login:
Password: admin

Step 6 – Enter the following commands to configure the DSR with a Static IP Address

D-Link DSR> net lan ipv4 configure
net-config[lan-ipv4]> static address
net-config[lan-ipv4]> static subnet_mask
net-config[lan-ipv4]> dhcp mode None (This will turn off DHCP)
net-config[lan-ipv4]> save
net-config[lan-ipv4]> exit
D-Link DSR>

Step 7 – To confirm the DSR has been configured with the above settings enter the following commands

D-Link DSR> show net lan ipv4 setup


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