How do I configure my Powerline DHP-311AV?


Installation Considerations Powerline

• Plan the location of Powerline devices:
• Connect the Powerline devices to electrical outlets that are not controlled by a wall switch to prevent accidental turn off power to the device.
• Do not connect the Powerline devices to an extension cord, surge protector or power strip, as this will prevent it work
Correctly or reduce network performance.
• Avoid using the Powerline devices into an electrical outlet located near a device that uses a lot of energy, such as a washer, dryer or refrigerator. This could prevent the adapter to function properly or have a negative impact on network performance.
Once all of the above have been considered, we can commence with the configuration.

1. Connect both products to the same power strip

2. On the NON-Wireless unit (the smallest with three lights), press and hold the button next to the network connection for 10 seconds.

3. On the wireless unit (the largest with four lights) press and hold the reset hole with a paper clip for 10 seconds

4. Check that the house-shaped light is lit green on both products. Again, this indicates the power level communication between the two units.

5. Scan now for wireless networks from your computer

6. Locate the network whose name starts with "dlink"

7. Connect and enter the password that appears on the card included with the product

8. Verify that you have Internet connection

9. Position the wireless unit at the point where you want to use. When the power light turns green, this means it has completely booted.

10. Make sure the light is green house. Otherwise you will have to try another outlet or bring it closer to the router area.

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