How to connect to DNS-320L via webdav in Windows?

Step 1 - Download BitKinex from Install with default settings

Step 2 - Open BitKinex, and you will see a window like this:


- Right click on Http/WebDAV

- Click New

- Click Http/WebDAV


- In the box that appears, type the name you want to call the connection, e.g. My NAS


- In the new window that appears, in the server address, type the IP or hostname you use to connect to your DNS-320L

- You can opt to use SSL or not

- Type in a user and password that you have set for webdav Access


- Click Site Map

- Select the existing path

- Change the path to read: /webdav/YOUR WEBDAV SHARE

- (Where YOUR WEBDAV SHARE is the name/path of the folder you have set as a webdav share)

- Click Update


- Click Accept

- You can now right click the connection, and choose Browse to connect to your DNS-320L via WebDAV.

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