How do I open ports on my DSL-504T?

Step 1. Open up a web browser and type in theIP address of the ADSL router(default is PressEnter.

Step 2. Enter the Login nameand password (default is admin/admin). Click onLogin.

Step 3. Click on the Advancedtab at the top and then click onPort Forwarding on the left.

Step 4. Choose the active connection underChoose a connection.

Step 5. Under LAN IP, selectthe LAN IP of the machine running the service.

Step 6. There are already some pre-definedrules for common applications/services. These can be selected byselecting the appropriate category (i.e. for web server, selectServersà Web server)

Step 7. To create a custom port forward, selectUser under category.

Step 8. Click on Add underAvailable Rules.

Step 9. Configure the following:

  • Rule Name - Enter the rule name
  • Select Protocol - TCP, UDP or BOTH
  • Port Start - Enter the start of the port range(i.e. 210)
  • Port End - Enter the end of the port range (ifit is just a single port, enter the same value as the Portstart)
  • Port Map - Enter the port number to map theport range to.

Click on Apply when done.

Step 10. Repeat Steps 8 and 9to add more rules.

Step 11. Click on PortForwarding and select User undercategory.

Step 12. Highlight the newly create rule underAvailable Rules and then click on [Add>] to add the rule to Applied rules.Click on Apply when done.

Step 13. Click on Tools at thetop. Click on System Commands on the left. Clickon Save All to permanently save the changes.

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