How can I activate the IPv6 DHCP in my DSR - Wireless N Unified Service Router?

Note : The DHCPv6 server only provides IP address, DNS information, Domain name in statefull mode but will not provide default route. In stateless mode it only provides DNS infor-mation and domain name attributes but not default gateway or IP address. We can get gateway for the dynamic IP address by enabling the RADVD in the Device and configuring Advertise-ment prefixes. Now the LAN client will get this IPv6 prefix and will be able to ping to the LAN IPv6 address of the Device.

Step 1: Change device mode ipv4/ipv6 dual mode.  
              (Advanced > IPv6 > IP mode > IPv4/IPv6 mode: Enable)

Note : The IPv4 / IPv6 can’t be used with Auto-Rollover mode or Load Balancing mode.

Step 2: Do not enable DHCPv6 server only configure IPv6 address.
              Configure ipv6 LAN IP as for example fd84:d129:d513:dba3::1/64

              (Advanced > IPv6 > IPv6 LAN > IPv6 LAN Config)
              IPv6 Address: fd84:d129:d513:dba3::1
              IPv6 Prefix Length: 64


Step 3: Enable RADVD Status in Router Advertisement Daemon (RADVD) page.

              (Advanced > IPv6 > IPv6 LAN > Router Advertisement)
              RADVD Status: Enable
              Advertise Mode: Unsolicited Multicast
              Advertise Interval: 30

Step 4: Configure List of Prefixes to Advertise as 4545::/64.

              (Advanced > IPv6 > IPv6 LAN > Advertise Prefixes)
              IPv6 Prefix Type: Global/Local/ISATAP
              IPv6 Prefix: 4545::
              IPv6 Prefix Length: 64
              Prefix Lifetime: 5

Step 5: Now connect a LAN host after we get the ipv6 prefix through RADVD ping to fd84:d129:d513:dba3::1(DSR LAN IP).

Now we can access to the access page of the DSR thanks to IPv6 : https://[fd84:d129:d513:dba3::


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