How to configure the motion detection on your camera DCS-932L

1- Log on to your mydlink account:
2- In settings > click on advanced settings :


3- The web interface of your camera will be opened
4- Type your admin password
5- In the menu “SETUP” / select “MOTION DETECTION”:


6- In “ motion Detection Settings “ select “ENABLE “ to activate the motion


7- If necessary, ensure you enable java for the site.

8- Select the time to activate the motion :

a. Always : if you want that the motion will be always activate
b. Schedule ; if you want to activate the motion for an fixed schedule:


9- Select the sensitivity:  Specifies the measurable difference between two se-quential images that would indicate motion. Enter a value between 0 and 100.


10- Select the detection Area: Left clicking in an area will enable motion detec-tion monitoring, right clicking will stop the area being monitored for motion.


11-  CLICK ON “SAVE SETTINGS” to save the parameters


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