Leveraging wireless for industrial 4.0 digital transformation

Industrial AP's (DIS-2650AP) - Leveraging wireless for industrial 4.0 digital transformation

Industry 4.0 is the revolution of connectivity. This modern industrial transformation is driven by the rapid adoption of wireless devices and applications from mobile devices, scanners, sensors, augmented collaboration, wearables, automated manufacturing robotics, AR/VR, VoIP phones and badges, unmanned vehicles, portable employee device like tablets, inventory scanners, RFID / tracking solutions, additive manufacturing (3D printing) and IIoT (industrial internet of things), all demand a different pedigree of network to support its objectives.

The continued success of future production is optimised through connectivity - bringing added efficiency and productivity, which elevates your ability to engineer growth across a wide range of applications.

That success is delivered through integrated industrial access points, which are critical to providing connectivity, durability and performance in temperature-extreme environments and other harsh conditions without requiring a significant footprint or complexity. Other key benefits include cable-free installation, simple manageability, centralised control, increased visibility, leverage analytics to improve efficiency, reduce downtime and making smarter business decisions. With so many wireless devices requiring network access, providing a reliable WiFi foundation is critical to ensuring stable and high-performance digital transformation deployments.

Industrial networks and the cutting-edge IoT solutions can’t afford to suffer from network interference, noise, or the challenges of harsh indoor and outdoor environments – this is where industrial access points come in.

Key applications for industrial access point solutions

Industrial access points provide secure connections, ability to operate in adverse temperatures, humidity and vibrations conditions.

User scenarios

D-Link’s industrial access points excel in a wide range of industry sectors (industry sectors smart manufacturing, transportation, campus / cities, warehousing / factory, oil & gas, construction) and applications including:

- Automation and IoT expansion to bring efficiencies and productivity to factory floors

- In use on offshore platforms for oil and gas leaders leveraging unprecedented automation and data collection and analysis

- Versatile and capable enough to handle a variety of duties in roadside, motorway, transit hub and railway scenarios

- Security purposes for surveillance monitoring and more

- Ample bandwidth for 4K/8K video streaming, while temperature and moisture tolerances enable deployments in outdoor cabinets

- PoE support simplifies the wiring

The importance of a proper wireless site survey

To prevent technical network issues that will cost you time and money to fix in the future, it is important to invest in site surveys of your deployment environment. This will allow you to properly visualise any existing RF black spots and enable you to properly quantify and budget for the actual equipment needed for at least the initial implementation and beyond (allowing for capacity planning for future growth / scalability).

D-Link industrial wireless access point for industrial and outdoor deployments

Our industrial access points are designed to provide resilient Wi-Fi wherever you need them. Rugged, easy to deploy equipment, certified, reliable even in extreme environments.

The DIS-2650AP Industrial AC1200 Wave 2 Access Point is designed specifically to operate in harsh environments with a wide operating temperature range and surge/ESD protection. It comes in a sturdy metal housing that can be DIN or wall-mounted, ideal for industrial installations. It can be deployed as a standalone device or centrally managed through D-Link’s free Nuclias Connect management software or Nuclias Connect Hub, to manage access points from a central location, regardless of geography.

D-Link Industrial APs are built to tolerate harsher conditions than most standard access points in terms of temperature, dust, lightning strike, vibration, corrosion, electromagnetic interference.

D-Link offers a range of rail-mounted industrial switches for a wide variety of critical applications. For operations with large equipment racks or small spaces in which to store all their equipment, these industrial access points offer key flexibility and functionality to get the job done.

Integrated Security and reliability

Ensuring cybersecurity of core operational systems amid the rise of IIoT, the longevity of unsupported industrial equipment, and the need for monitoring, security and reporting solutions at the edge and across the enterprise have never been more critical. Next-generation wireless devices now include data analytics and encryption.

When it comes to an industrial wireless network such as IIoT, it is not acceptable for the data connection to break, like you might experience from time to time on your home or office WiFi. In an industrial wireless network, the reliability and the accuracy of the data that is sent and received are very critical. Therefore is it important to select  reputable vendors with secure and reliable end-to-end networking and connectivity solutions.

Closing thoughts

Automation is key to success in the industrial applications of the present technology-enabled landscape and the future of critical connectivity, and industrial access point solutions bring key wireless connectivity to all corners of your operation. You need connectivity everywhere, regardless of location or harsh operating conditions. D-links industrial access points help you bring that goal to life with robust, achievable, and highly scalable as your organisation grows. 


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Paul Routledge - D-Link
By Paul Routledge, Country Manager, D-Link
A highly experienced networking professional, Paul Routledge has led the UK&I region of D-Link for over 5 years