Why centralised cloud‑based management is important

 D-Link’s complete cloud-managed networking solutions for Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMBs) is designed to make the ownership and administration of networking infrastructure as simple and painless as possible. 

Why Cloud?

If the challenges involved in managing your companies and employees’ bandwidth, security, and mobility needs are troubling you, we’ve got some tough news: the rapid pace at which technology changes means those challenges won’t go away anytime soon. Implementing a modern IT infrastructure that’s able to support always connected mobile devices, data-hogging applications, and “bring your own device” (BYOD) practices and necessity for business video during the Covid-19 lockdown work from home is no longer a “nice-to-have” - it’s a necessity.

Seamless reliable connectivity has become mission critical to the modern business model. But with wireless devices, online transactions, Cloud applications, video conference and width demand, ransomware attacks, and other security threats all proliferating, SMBs can no longer run the risk of “winging it” with unmanaged networking and Wi-Fi anymore. You need professional grade networking that ensures minimal downtime, and maximises your business efficiency.

If you add the recent pressure of the Covid restrictions forcing businesses and workforce to work from home – these home networks need business support and a solution strategy to ensure seamless service, anytime accessibility to applications, video conferencing, device connectivity, remote management and remediation.
The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the networking arena in a number of ways, including the rise of fully automated remote offices, the need to support a what is called a "branch of one" (supporting remote / branch locations under one centralised umbrella). Cite Gartner. "The idea of fully automated remote operations becomes incredibly important with the advent of IoT equipment such as sensors and cameras. The way forward lies in adopting a scalable solution that can grow as the demands and pressures on a network increase. The best way to achieve this goal is to migrate your IT infrastructure and manage it entirely through the cloud. “

A branch of one - Remote offices and branches will continue to be the focus of many IT teams, experts say. IDC says that post-COVID, more than 52% of workers will either remain remote or have an in-office/remote hybrid arrangement. That trend will push many enterprises to support what IDC calls a "branch of one."
Perhaps you want to implement a Wi-Fi network that could be deployed and managed easily and centrally across all its sites. It also had to be a solution that could be managed remotely.
The business and IT operations must now cover numerous home office sites spread over a wide geographical location. The need to support its professionals and the business, executives want to implement cost effective Wi-Fi solutions that can be deployed and managed easily and centrally across all its sites. And of course it all has to be a solution that could be managed remotely.

D-Link offers two cloud solutions - nuclias connect and nuclias cloud - read this guide here for more details on which solution would suit you

Here are 12 reasons how centralised cloud-based management can help you:

Centralise management – save time, cost and resources over the complexity of on-site management

Manage and troubleshoot from anywhere

Traditionally, managing or troubleshooting a network, requires someone to be physically present. When dealing with multi-site deployments or other situations in which it isn’t always possible for IT to be on-site, this form of management and troubleshooting can not scale and quickly proves inefficient.

With cloud-managed IT, managing and troubleshooting issues from anywhere is finally a reality. An IT administrator can quickly get alerted about a network issue, diagnose the problem, and fix from any computer with internet access.

Makes life easier for network admins
For most IT admins, the thought of installing and maintaining network infrastructure isn't easy, but it's even less appealing when it comes to multi-site deployments. The demands involved are high, to say the least.

Managing IT infrastructure through the cloud dramatically simplifies ordinarily challenging tasks and cuts down on time and cost. With zero-touch provisioning, devices such as access points, security appliances, video conferencing and other network devices can be pre-configured before they even arrive on-site. Configurations download automatically once the device is connected to the network for a true plug-and-play experience. Managing IT infrastructure through the cloud thus requires less investment in on-site setup, significantly reducing staff costs.

Cloud-managed access points

Up and going in a matter of minutes. ‘Zero Touch Deployment’ of access points can be done by non-IT personnel, with configuration and ongoing management carried out remotely via computer or tablet.

Simple and smart cloud network management
D-Links Nuclias Cloud is designed to help SMBs make the transition from unmanaged consumer-grade equipment to a managed professional-grade solution as easy, effortless, and worry-free as possible, by eliminating the learning curve, and guaranteeing reliability, so that you can get on with your business. It’s Wi-Fi that doesn’t draw attention to itself, and just works.

Nuclias Cloud removes the technical barriers to obtaining such a network through…

Do-it-yourself (DIY) installation and operation.
Remote management of your entire network.
Robust automation with minimal downtime

D-Link switches and Wi-Fi access points can be managed via the Nuclias Cloud Web Portal through any connected compatible PC or Tablet. Connectivity with the Nuclias Cloud platform is guaranteed, with a 99.9% Service-Level-Agreement (SLA), and its operation will continue even if the Cloud connection fails.

Centralised cloud-based management, with intuitive web and app-based interface

D-Link’s Nuclias Connect is a centralised management and analytics solution that brings convenience, control, customisability and cost-effective scaling too small to medium-sized business (SMB) networks. It enables network monitoring, management, and device configuration through a single, easy-to-use software interface.

What’s more – management software comes preloaded, and there are no licensing or support fees. Easily manage your network, anytime, anywhere.

Conveniently monitor and configure wireless networks centrally using Nuclias Connect. Configurations can be done remotely, with all devices in the network automatically receiving their configurations at once for faster deployments. Easy setups, remote access, and an intuitive dashboard makes life easier for network admins.

A Deeper Understanding of the Network

Take an at-a-glance view, or home in for more in-depth information of the ins and outs of your network. See live usage, network health, monitor irregularities and even the location of devices.

A Network That Can Look Out for Itself
The nuclias connect hub - DNH-100 features self-organising and self-optimising capabilities such as interval-based radio scanning and analysis, self-management of radio frequency, as well as L2/L3 AP discovery and output power. Combined with other self-healing capabilities, it can maintain stability and continue operating at optimal levels even during peak usage times, so you can rest assured users are getting the best service possible.

Reduce support ticket/call volumes

For support help desk staff or IT managers, there are few things more stressful than an in inbox overflowing with support tickets. You get buried in support tickets, response times go out of band and skyrocket, customers get upset, and overall it's costing you money.

To avoid this stress you need a centrally managed cloud based platform to help organise, prioritise support tickets and speed up response and resolution times.

Cloud Video Surveillance

With cloud video, users can not only monitor locations remotely but manage and add more functionality at any time without updating or changing the system.

Security peace of mind

In order to maintain a secure network, supporting high levels of productivity and uptime, IT needs constant visibility into network traffic, security threats, and device activity. Keeping security definitions and device firmware up-to-date is also crucial. Cloud-managed IT makes it simple for IT admins to get a real-time understanding of what’s going on network-wide and to ensure that security threats are kept at bay.

Lower TCO (total cost of ownership)

While the cost of the initial hardware is certainly important, too many companies focus only on the hardware cost and ignore ongoing support and maintenance costs. The beauty of cloud-managed IT is that the flexibility and ease-of-use inherent in the cloud management model means much lower costs over time, resulting in a lower TCO over the span of a few years.

You’ll be able to proactively diagnose issues and manage problems before they impact your business (reducing issue impact that otherwise might take systems and render people able to work for days – which of course could prove very costly).

Mobile app based management

Easily access Nuclias Connect via the tablet app or through a browser, from anywhere in the world, and keep on top of any requirements like creating guest networks, adding Wi-Fi to additional locations, updating devices and keeping your network secure. Get an instant overview of live usage and your network’s health, delegate access to your teams, see maps that show the location of your devices with integrated Google Maps.

Advantages by sector


Nuclias cloud delivers the technical capability & network reliability SMBs need to fully embrace Digital Transformation, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Cloud Operations, without the need for new IT networking skills.


It helps smaller hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops minimise Wi-Fi-related complaints, while enabling a seamless branded Guest Wi-Fi experience on par with more established competitors

Retail Chains

It enables easy remote management and troubleshooting across multiple sites, easy addition of new sites, and timely analytics & reporting that can help you get to know your customers.


It offers robust Wi-Fi capability, easy management of all network sites, fine-grained network monitoring and control, and an OPEX-oriented pricing model suited to schools and other institutions.

Paul Routledge - D-Link
By Paul Routledge, Country Manager, D‑Link
A highly experienced networking professional, Paul Routledge has led the UK&I region of D-Link for over 5 years