Smart Wi-Fi with EAGLE PRO AI – AI driven Mesh

Smart Wi‑Fi with EAGLE PRO AI – AI driven Mesh

Creating the world’s most advanced series of routers, range extenders, and mesh devices, all powered by Wi-Fi 6 and AI Technology


A.I. Introduction / challenges

Reliability and speed are key components for any enterprise or business operating from home, using business-critical systems, wireless / Wi-Fi, from point-of-sale systems to accessing enterprise applications, real-time communications such as video conferencing, IoT, home entertainment, media, gaming and more.

The ever growing increase of devices on enterprise and smart home networks and the number of people wanting access has hampered network performance and made IT more complex than ever to manage, not helped by the fact that many home and business networks are still running traditional wireless network solutions that lack the scale, reliability, and intelligence needed to address today’s diverse needs. Many are now looking at Artificial Intelligence (AI) to aid user experience, enhance efficiency, creativity, and productivity, while also helping deliver an effective long-term work-from-home and back to office solution.

What is AI?. Put simply, AI combines human intelligence with proactive artificial intelligence to simplify and by human programming, automate complex tasks.

Artificial intelligence has traditionally been confined to enterprise scale data centre computing power, capable of running complex algorithms and managed by professionals. Now this is changing, as the power of AI is rapidly making its way to edge devices and now consumer tech.

AI benefits & optimising Wi-Fi for the optimal user experience

As Wi-Fi demands on networks continue to ramp up, business IT staff and home users will need all the help they can get to optimise performance. As more people work, play, and study at home, the digital transformation of the house has hastened. One promising solution is AI technology to identify network issues and adjust accordingly. 

Ongoing monitoring of networks, IoT, wired and wireless connected devices is needed so that anomalous security behaviour, performance / quality of service issues can be detected and remediated quickly and efficiently. 

AI takes the complexity out of growing IT networks by automating key tasks, proactively addressing issues before they arise, enhancing Wi-Fi performance behind the scenes, improving efficiency and coverage, and adapting to meet everyone’s needs. 

AI assists and provides benefits by monitoring the whole network in real time to ensure that users are connected to the optimum Wi-Fi channel, automatically tune power and signal direction to achieve optimum performance / quality of service (QoS) for any environment, be it at home, office, campus, industrial and events. The longer the intelligent mesh network is in operation, the more information is gathered to identify network issues, adjust accordingly and used to further improve and tune the network.

For IT staff managing office and home-based workers, AI saves time and money with faster problem resolution and fewer onsite visits. Users benefit from a network infrastructure that is more predictable, reliable, and measurable.

D-Link’s EAGLE PRO AI technology supports the fully connected lifestyle by delivering intelligent, strong network connections for bandwidth-intensive applications in densely populated households. D-Links built-in AI solution simplifies troubleshooting, self-driving network operations, and cloud-based insight into service quality experience. The AI monitors the signal strength of your devices. After self-learning the actual network conditions influencing your Wi-Fi performance, the AI helps your devices seamlessly switch to another source optimal hub in the Wi-Fi mesh when necessary to constantly create optimal connections. 

D-Link have dedicated our efforts to creating the world’s most advanced series of mesh routers, extenders, and devices, all powered by Wi-Fi 6 and AI Technology. 

As networks continue to grow in complexity, adopt centralised management architectures and support a broader range of connected devices and operating systems, AI-powered network management is central to streamlining, troubleshooting, and improving the operation of the network. We are fast approaching the time when AI and machine learning are essential to the smooth running of any network.

Introducing D-Link EAGLE PRO AI

The EAGLE PRO AI series is a first-of-its-kind Wi-Fi solution that enables customers to embrace the new stay-at-home lifestyle and rethink home Wi-Fi. D-Link’s EAGLE PRO AI series delivers quicker, more secure, and more dependable connectivity for endless possibilities, whether for video conferences, HD streaming, or high-quality gaming.

With in-built EAGLE PRO AI features, the routers analyse traffic and strengthen the home network through AI Engine. The network is constantly scanned and monitored by the AI Wi-Fi, to keep users connected to the Wi-Fi channel.

D-Link’s unique AI-enhanced Beamforming Technology, the AI Mesh Optimiser offers more powerful and dependable Wi-Fi throughout the home. The AI Traffic Optimiser automatically assigns bandwidth to several applications and gives feedback on which devices are creating congestion. The AI Assistant collects actionable data to update users on the network quality, whereas the AI Parental Control allows more customisation and flexibility for parents to manage and restrict the online activities of their kids. The EAGLE PRO AI app supports Alexa and Google Assistant. Also, it comes with features like SpeedTest that can be used to check the internet speed and Health Mode for setting up sleep schedules. The first of its kind Wi-Fi solution enables the user to adopt the work-from-home culture without facing regular network glitches.

Sophisticated built-in EAGLE PRO AI capabilities enable the new Smart router, mesh devices, and range extender to deliver faster, safer, and reliable Wi-Fi performance:

  • AI Wi-Fi Optimiser continuously scans and monitors the network to keep users connected to the best and cleanest Wi-Fi channels

  • AI Traffic Optimiser automatically allocates bandwidth to different applications for the best connectivity. It informs users which activities are causing congestion and allows them to de-prioritize

  • AI Mesh Optimiser is a unique AI beamforming technology that enhances mesh connectivity between routers and extenders for more powerful, reliable mesh Wi-Fi throughout a home

  • The AI Assistant collects performance information over time then sends detailed reports. With AI Parental Control, parents gain more customized management options and added insights to monitor children’s online access day and night

  • The EAGLE PRO AI App features an embedded SpeedTest to check Internet speed and an exclusive Health Mode function allowing households to schedule internet access, keeping family members offline during specific times

Powered by Wi-Fi 6 technology, the EAGLE PRO AI series delivers up to four times more capacity and up to 40% throughput increase than current Wi-Fi standards with dual-band speeds up to 1.5 Gbps.* The new D-Link Series fits seamlessly into any room or office with App-based setup and works with Google Assistant and Alexa for convenient voice control.

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