10 Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Switches

DXS-1100 Series

  • Product Status (Revision A): End of Sale

The DXS-1100 Series 10 Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Switches are a set of Smart Layer 2 10 Gb Ethernet switches that provide an entry-level solution for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) wishing to deploy 10 Gb Ethernet. These switches are ideal for server farms or as network aggregation devices, and provide a cost-effective and feature-rich solution to 10 Gb Ethernet requirements.

The series includes DXS-1100-10TS with 8 x 10GBase-T ports and 2 x 10 Gigabit SFP+ fibre ports. The copper 10GBase-T ports instantly increase network bandwidth over standard Cat 6a cabling without the need to overhaul existing network infrastructure wiring, whilst fibre SFP+ ports provide additional network connection flexibility. 

The switch is ideal for server farms or as a network aggregation device and it provides a cost-effective but feature-rich solution to growing and demanding network environments.

The DXS-1100-10TS supports intuitive client-based utilities (SmartConsole Utility or D-Link Network Assistant Utility) and a web-based management interface. The client-based utility allows customers to discover all switches in the D-Link Smart Switch family within the same L2 network segment. This allows for extensive switch configuration and basic setup of discovered devices, including password changes and firmware upgrades.

The DXS-1100 Series switches supports Auto Surveillance VLAN (ASV) and Auto Voice VLAN, which are ideal for Voice over IP (VoIP) and video surveillance deployments. Auto Surveillance VLAN is an industry-leading technology that automatically prioritises video surveillance data traffic. The Auto Voice VLAN technology enhances VoIP functionality by automatically placing voice traffic from an IP phone into an assigned VLAN.

The DXS-1100 Series switches is equipped with advanced security features such as Static MAC, Storm Control and IGMP Snooping, protecting your network from malicious attacks.

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Number of ports
16 to 30 ports

5 to 14 ports
Layer 2
Main type of ports
10GBASE-T 10 Gigabit Ethernet

10GbE SFP+
Type of uplink ports
10GbE SFP+

Combo 10GBASE-T/SFP+
Switching capacity
200 Gbps

320 Gbps
D-Link Green
802.3az Energy-Efficient Ethernet support
Form Factor
Jumbo frame
Cable diagnostics
MAC address
Spanning Tree Protocol
802.1D STP

802.1w RSTP
Link aggregation

VLAN group (max static)
VLAN type
Advanced VLAN
Asymmetric VLAN

Auto Surveillance VLAN

Voice VLAN
Number of QoS queues per port
Bandwidth control
64 Kbps minimum granularity
Encryption protocol supported
SSL (v1/v2/v3)
ARP spoofing
BPDU attack protection
SNMP (v1/v2c/v3)
RMON v1/v2
This product was phased out on: 18/03/2021
Version Date Type File Size
Datasheet - PDF 0.35mb Download
Version Description Date Type File Size
Manual 1.30 RevA1 Product Manual 02/08/2021 - - Download
1.30 Product Manual 09/05/2017 - - Download
DXS-1100-16SC Product Manual - - - Download
Version Description Date Type
1.00.005 DXS-1100-16SC

Release notes included

29/06/2016 - Download
DXS-1100-10TS 1.00.026

Release notes included

14/04/2016 - Download
DXS-1100-10TS 1.00.026

MIB file

14/04/2016 - Download
DXS-1100-16SC 1.00.005

MIB file

14/04/2016 - Download
Version Description Date
CE doc 1100-10TS 5.10 RevA1 CE document 21/07/2020 Download
CE doc 1100-16TC 5.10 RevA1 CE document 21/07/2020 Download
CE doc 1100-10TS 5.00 RevA1 CE document 19/07/2019 Download
CE doc 1100-16TC 5.00 RevA1 CE document 19/07/2019 Download
CE doc 1100-16SC 3.00 RevA1 CE document 19/07/2019 Download
CE doc 1100-10TS 4.00 Revision A1 CE document 27/09/2018 Download
CE doc 1100-16TC 4.00 Revision A1 CE document 27/09/2018 Download
DEU_16SC_CE_Declaration DXS-1100-16SC CE DoC - Download