DGE-550T - 32-64-Bit PCI Bus Copper RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet adapter


  • Product Status: End of Life


  • My Windows operating system did not auto detect my adapter. What can I do to resolve this? Read Answer
This product was phased out on: 10/06/2007
This product's last date of support is on: 09/06/2009
Version Date Type File Size
Datasheet (English) - PDF 0.51mb Download
Version Description Date Type File Size
Manual (English) Manual (English) 01/08/2004 PDF 0.24mb Download
Version Description Date
DEU_Driver_revAx_dl2x_v1_11_linux_060602_RevA DGE-550T DL2000-based Drivers for Linux v1.11 02/06/2006 Download
DEU_Drivers_revAx_20020415_020606_RevA Driver for DGE-550T Revision A1,A2,A3 (=Ax) 06/06/2002 Download
DEU_Driver_revA4_0217__020519_RevA DGE-550T Drivers revision A4 19/05/2002 Download
DEU_Driver_revAx_dl2x_kernel_24_linux_RevA DGE-550T DL 2000-based Drivers for Linux kernel 2.4 15/10/2001 Download
DEU_Driver_revAx_011001_RevA DGE-500T Driver for revision Ax 10/01/2001 01/10/2001 Download
Version Description Date
GPL Release Source Code GPL Release Source Code - Download
Version Description Date
DEU_CE_A4_RevA Certificate of Declaration A4 16/06/2004 Download
DEU_CE_RevA Certificate of Declaration 30/01/2002 Download
UK_General_Public_License GPL License 01/06/1991 Download