D‑Link strengthens Stackable Smart Managed Switch range with new generation DGS‑1520 Series

The DGS‑1520 Series Layer 3 Stackable Smart Managed Switches are cost‑effective and high‑performing network solutions for SMBs, enterprises and service providers

20 January, 2021

DGS-1520-28 DGS-1520-28MP DGS-1520-52 DGS-1520-52MP Layer 3 Stackable Smart Managed Switches
The DGS-1520 Series Layer 3 Stackable Smart Managed Switches are cost-effective and high-performing network solutions for SMBs, enterprises and service providers.

D-Link, the multinational networking equipment manufacturer, today announces the introduction of its next-generation Layer 3 Stackable Smart Managed Switches – DGS-1520 Series is its high-performance range designed to meet the individual needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses and enterprises, as well as service providers.

This DGS-1520 Series comes in 28 and 52 port configurations with a choice of 10GBASE-T and SFP+ uplink ports. These high bandwidth uplinks eliminate network bottlenecks and provide low-latency connections to core networks and servers. While multi-Gigabit (2.5GBASE-T) PoE ports provide connectivity and eliminate potential network bottleneck when connecting to high-bandwidth 802.11ac/ax (Wi-Fi 6) access points. 

These switches are designed to provide maximum uptime with its flexible stacking configurations. They support physical stacking of up to eight units, using either copper (two 10G Base-T), fibre (two SFP+ ports) or hybrid (two copper, two fibre) with a total of 80 Gigabit stacking bandwidth. It allows provisioning of up to 384 Gigabit ports in the stack and allows remaining uplink ports to be utilised elsewhere for other functions including connecting to a broader network. 

The PoE versions within the series offer four 2.5 Gigabit PoE ports that eliminate common connectivity bottlenecks when deploying multi-Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 access points. Together with advanced security features and multiple management options, these switches are ideal for any business looking to expand its network and futureproof against bandwidth growth. 

The DGS-1520 Series of Layer 3 Stackable Smart Managed delivers powerful L2 and L3 features, specifically engineered to fulfil the different application needs of SMBs, enterprises and metro Ethernet deployments.

Its L2 features include RSPAN and selective Q-in-Q while L3 features include Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) snooping, static routing, Routing Information Protocol (RIP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) enabling rapid adaption to changes in a network arrangement. The switches also support Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) and Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), as well as redundant power supplies to provide additional network reliability and resiliency. 

The DGS-1520 Series can be managed through D-Link’s D-View 7 network management software for a streamlined process which can reduce costs, resources and maintenance. They can also be managed using the D-Link Network Assistant (DNA) utility within the same L2 network for simultaneous configuration and maintenance.