D‑Link unveils new range of Mobile Connectivity Solutions

From enterprises and smart cities to carriers and retailers, D‑Link provides mobile connectivity without boundaries

27 February, 2018

D-Link, the multinational networking equipment manufacturer, today announced new mobile solutions to bring seamless connectivity to consumers, businesses, and carriers at Mobile World Congress 2018.

“Our range of mobile products cover all scenarios, which is what we intend to showcase at MWC this year,” said Kevin Wen, President of D-Link Europe. “Whether it’s for home consumers, businesses, or service providers, D-Link has the ideal solution to solve problems and improve daily lives.”

D-Link MWC 2018 Booth

D-Link’s new solutions for mobile connectivity include:

Edge as a Service
D-Link’s new Edge as a Service provides enterprises with their own private LTE network. Sensitive data from Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices are processed locally rather than through the MNO network, allowing for a network that is more secure and has shorter latency. D-Link’s low-power base stations bring unlimited scalability and can handle more intense networking demands.

Connected Transportation

D-Link’s VPN routers provide connectivity that moves with public transportation. By working with in-vehicle network cameras and GPS trackers to monitor and report driver and passenger behaviour, D-Link VPN Routers enable smarter, safer journeys.

Smart Parking
As more cities struggle with traffic congestion and parking issues, D-Link delivers customized solutions to improve cities’ parking conditions. The company’s new LTE VPN Router works with NVRs and other analytic tools to provide central management, data acquisition, and data dissemination.

Smart Retail
D-Link’s Smart Retail solutions consist of smart cameras for retailers, providing a range of benefits to enhance business operations. This includes facial recognition, which not only allows users to recognise their best customers and provide better service, it also auto-detects threats, determine the store display areas and products that are most popular with hot spot analysis, and automatically keeps track of visitors and guests via business analytics software.

BLE IoT Solution
Designed to work with a third party cloud, D-Link’s BLE IoT solution consists of a new connected home gateway, water sensor, and smart plug. With the support of a third party security chipset, the devices have a secure connection to the third party cloud. The hub allows users to conveniently manage Bluetooth-enabled smart home devices, and around-the-clock reliability is provided with 4G/LTE connectivity and a backup battery. A built-in siren provides on-site alerts based on preset conditions, and the smart devices can also be scheduled to turn on and off when certain events are triggered.

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)
With an increasing demand for faster bandwidths, D-Link’s robust hybrid IAD combines 4G LTE with fixed-line broadband to deliver a faster, more reliable Internet connection. The solution offers a failsafe connection even when broadband or LTE connections fail.

Connectivity & Surveillance
D-Link’s customisable smart city solutions provide convenience and security. D-Link’s portfolio of surveillance cameras offer smooth video streaming, and the company’s LTE hotspots and bridges allow communities to easily access information and entertainment.

D-Link MWC 2018 product range  D-Link MWC 2018 Booth with Google Assistant Compatible Products