D‑Link previews newest wireless technology at IFA 2017

Global leader in connectivity to showcase latest portfolio of innovative new cameras, routers and Wi‑Fi system

06 September, 2017

D-Link, the multinational networking equipment manufacturer, will be previewing its latest range of wireless products at Europe’s leading trade show for consumer electronics, IFA 2017 in Berlin. This will include a new line of Wi-Fi security cameras, ultra-fast Wi-Fi routers and the newest addition to D-Link’s COVr Whole Home Wi-Fi family of devices.

These new products build on D-Link’s dedication to engineering the fastest, most reliable, simple to use and feature-rich Wi-Fi devices to support consumers’ increasingly wireless lives.

“At D-Link, we’re committed to creating new solutions that are especially designed to truly improve wireless experiences, ones that can keep pace with the growing demands of consumers’ wireless lives.” said Kevin Wen, President of D-Link Europe. “With more than 30 years’ experience engineering world-class networking technology, we’re taking consumer Wi-Fi technology to the next level, bringing speeds that rival wired connections, increasing coverage and reliability and removing Wi-Fi blackspots.”

Wen continued: “Consumer expectations regarding Wi-Fi have shifted away from speed. Our customers are increasingly demanding Whole Home Coverage connections to support their wireless lives. At IFA 2017 we’ll be unveiling a wide selection of our newest products to meet these expectations.”

D-Link’s newest products on show at Reseller Park, Hall 25, Booth 132 will include:

Hybrid Whole Home Powerline Wi-Fi System

D-Link’s COVr Hybrid Powerline Wi-Fi System is the world’s first whole-home Wi-Fi solutions to utilise Powerline technology at its foundation, utilising the existing home router and a set of adapters to create a full coverage solution across the home.

Powerline uses the home’s existing electrical wiring to transfer network data, turning electrical circuits into a high-speed wired network and making every power socket a potential network outlet. It provides a more reliable and stable connection which doesn’t degrade much over distance or when passing through building materials, ideal across Europe, where a majority of houses have solid concrete/brick walls.

The Hybrid Whole Home Powerline Wi-Fi System is engineered to eliminate the need for multiple networks, poor connections and Wi-Fi black-spots. Comprising a pair of hybrid Powerline Wi-Fi hotspots, which connect to existing electrical wiring in a home via a standard plug socket.

This means users can move freely around the building, switching between the hotspot without losing connection on a smartphone or tablet, talk, video chat or stream music and videos without disruption.

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Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-8000LH) & HD 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-8100LH)

The compact DCS-8000LH Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera and DCS-8100LH HD 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera are packed with the extensive feature sets needed for comprehensive monitoring.

The on-board Wi-Fi provides the extensive range and high bandwidth needed for seamless 720p HD video streams, whilst still remaining compatible with older wireless devices.

Built-in motion and sound detection functions can automatically send alert notifications to a mobile device, keeping the camera owner up to date on any unusual activity detected by the cameras in a home or office.

Night-time monitoring is facilitated through the built-in IR LEDs, which allow both cameras to capture video in complete darkness. Users can relax knowing that they have 24/7 monitoring capabilities within their home or small office.

Both cameras integrate with D-Link’s current Smart Homes app - the mydlink Lite app and its website-  allowing the owner to receive notifications, access live camera feeds and manually trigger video recording through their mobile device, providing peace of mind that the people and places they love are safe and secure. 

Historically, this level of security monitoring was reserved purely for high-end, professional security systems. Today, through advances in Wi-Fi technology and mobile devices, these same functions can be offered reliably and affordably to anyone. Through the user-friendly app installed on their mobile devices, customers will have a safe, secure means of monitoring their homes with just a few clicks.

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EXO AC1900 MU-MIMO Router (DIR-878) and EXO AC2600 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Gigabit Router (DIR-882)

The DIR-878 EXO AC1900 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Gigabit Router and DIR-882 EXO AC2600 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Gigabit Router offer the fastest wireless speeds and most extensive coverage currently available on the market.

As well as offering lightning-fast Wi-Fi speeds, for consumers looking to stream 4K movies, enjoy seamless online gaming, transfer large files and browse the Internet with more devices simultaneously, both Wi-Fi Gigabit Routers come with Multiple-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) with Advanced AC SmartBeam™.

Using innovative 802.11ac Wave 2 technology, both also offer combined wireless speeds of up to 1.9 Gbps and 2.533 Gbps respectively.

MU-MIMO technology allows routers to send and receive large amounts of data to and from devices simultaneously, markedly increasing throughput and application responsiveness, whilst Advanced AC SmartBeam™ steers the wireless signal to where it is needed to dramatically improve wireless range.

Historically, homes may have contained a handful of smart devices and a computer or two, but today modern homes are filled with a wider array of connected devices, such as mobile phones, set-top boxes, networked security cameras and gaming consoles. Combined with the increasing prevalence of 4K, streamed media, it’s essential that a home network’s speed is reliable and that bandwidth is available to meet the demands of a growing network of connected technology.

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* Not available in UK and Ireland.