D‑Link launches new HD Wi‑Fi security cameras for simple, secure and discrete home monitoring

The cameras provide high‑quality 720p HD resolution, motion and sound detection and sending alerts and streaming video to your mobile device via the mydlink Lite app

01 September, 2017

D-Link has unveiled two new, ultra-discrete, affordable, small form factor HD Wi-Fi cameras to provide easy and reliable home surveillance - the DCS-8000LH Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera and DCS-8100LH HD 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera. These compact cameras are packed with the extensive feature sets needed for comprehensive monitoring.

The on-board Wi-Fi provides the extensive range and high bandwidth needed for seamless 720p HD video streams, whilst still remaining compatible with older wireless devices.

Built-in motion and sound detection functions can automatically send alert notifications to a mobile device, keeping the camera owner up to date on any unusual activity detected by the cameras in a home or office.

Night-time monitoring is facilitated through the built-in IR LEDs, which allow both cameras to capture video in complete darkness. Users can relax knowing that they have 24/7 monitoring capabilities within their home or small office.

Both cameras integrate with D-Link’s current Smart Homes app - the mydlink Lite app and its website-  allowing the owner to receive notifications, access live camera feeds and manually trigger video recording through their mobile device, providing peace of mind that the people and places they love are safe and secure.

Historically, this level of security monitoring was reserved purely for high-end, professional security systems. Today, through advances in Wi-Fi technology and mobile devices, these same functions can be offered reliably and affordably to anyone. Through the user-friendly app installed on their mobile devices, customers will have a safe, secure means of monitoring their homes with just a few clicks.

Key benefits include:

  • Connects easily to wireless networks – easily install and configure the cameras anywhere with Wi-Fi access
  • User friendly – the cameras are compatible with D-Link’s current Smart Homes app, being easy to set up and use. They integrate with multiple devices to create a consumer friendly Smart Home experience
  • Snapshots and video clips – can be saved directly to a mobile device through our app. The DCS-8100LH also features a microSD slot, so snapshots and video can be saved locally
  • Motion and sound detection – automatically sends alert notifications to the customer’s mobile device when triggered
  • Remote control – with the our app, customers can view and manage the cameras remotely, as well as manually triggering recording of video
  • Compact, inconspicuous design – both cameras blend subtly with their surroundings, so can fit with any décor no matter where they’re placed
  • High quality camera – 4x digital zoom, night-time viewing up to 5m and high quality 720p HD resolution provide a clear picture of your home or business
  • Wide field of vision – to give customers a more comprehensive view, the DCS-8000LH and  DCS-8100LH feature wide, 120 and 180 degree fields of vision respectively
  • Two-way audio – the DCS-8100LH features two-way audio, allowing customers to listen and talk through their mobile device.

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