Nuclias Connect

Comprehensive and centralised management.

The complete locally-managed networking solution for organisations, with cost-effective scalability.

Nuclias Connect

Nuclias Connect AP

Your network, your way.

Nuclias Connect is software-based management (with optional hardware controller) for businesses with midrange IT admin expertise. It can be used either as an on-premises software management platform, or as a cloud solution hosted on a public cloud service.

Admin tasks can be carried out from the Nuclias Connect app. Or use the Nuclias Connect software on any server or PC, for easy access, easy automation, and easy network scalability.




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Minimise the hassle of deployments, configurations and admin tasks.

Compared to traditional hardware-based management systems, Nuclias Connect is fully customisable. Easy setups, remote access, and an intuitive dashboard make life easier for network admins, while functionality and network self-healing tools such as airtime fairness, localised throttling and load balancing improve overall user experience.

What Nuclias Connect means for admins

Since Nuclias Connect's software operates transparently on the network, Access Points (APs) can be deployed anywhere in a Layer 2/3 environment. Additionally, administrators can provide and manage a variety of distributed deployments, including the option to configure settings and administrator accounts for each deployment.

It all stays within your premises and follows your security measures

Nuclias Connect is designed for businesses where security and privacy are paramount. User data never leaves your possession. And additional security measures can be added easily.


How Nuclias Connect can help

Whether you’re a new small business or an enterprise that needs to upgrade the existing network, see how Nuclias Connect meets the demands of the industries below.



Enhance, facilitate, and automate your network management. Understand your network at a glance.

Retail chains

Retail Chains

Provides analytics that translate into customer behavioural insights.



See live usage and reports organised by past dates, times, and locations.



Deploy devices quickly and efficiently with dedicated privacy.

Scale your network alongside your business

Nuclias Connect gives you the financial and technical flexibility to expand from a small network to up to 1,000 APs while retaining a robust and centralised management system.

The optional dedicated hardware controller is inexpensive, saving businesses the cost of maintaining additional equipment and enables you to manage up to 100 APs.

The management software provides license-free management of up to 1,000 APs and is free to download to any compatible server or PC. It’s also backwards-compatible with a selected number of D-Link APs*. Use the simple Nuclias Connect app to instantly detect your devices in the network,and push configurations remotely.

Nuclias Connect AP

Faster deployments.

Nuclias Connect reduces deployment times over traditional networking solutions. Configurations can be done remotely, with all devices in the network automatically receiving their configurations at once.

Nuclias Diagram

 Connect Connect
Connect the access points to the network.
 Activate Install
Download and install the Nuclias Connect software.
 Provision Run Wizard
The step-by-step wizard helps you discover APs.
 Manage Configure and Manage
Add, provision and manage multiple APs through Nuclias Connect’s intuitive dashboard.

Efficient hardware, dedicated to Nuclias Connect.

The new Nuclias Connect Hub (DNH-100) is an optional hardware controller that’s small and comes pre-installed with Nuclias Connect. It provides an inexpensive, ready-made solution, and makes AP configurations fast and easy. It removes the need for installing and maintaining Nuclias Connect on additional hardware such as a server or PC. It supports up to 100 APs, automatically detects devices, pushes configurations, and provides robust hardware management. Simply plug in and power on.

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Nuclias Connect Hub
Why D‑Link?

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Over 95% of resellers that have direct contact with us say they're happy with the service we provide, and 96% are happy with our technical support.

We've seen how other cloud-managed network solutions have been placed out of the reach of many businesses, so we've designed Nuclias to be as accessible as possible, without compromise to quality.

All the features you need



Free-to-Download Network Management Software

Access Points

License-Free Management of up to 1,000 Access Points




Intuitive Interface


Inexpensive Hardware Controller (optional)


Traffic Reporting and Analytics


Remote Config and Batch Config


Multi-Tenant and Role-Based Administration


Searchable and Auditable Event and Change Logs


Authentication via Customizable Captive Portal 802.1x and RADIUS Server, POP3, LDAP, AD


Multilingual Support


Payment Gateway (Paypal) Integration and Front-Desk Ticket Management

Download Nuclias Connect for free.

Nuclias Connect is our free remote network management software designed with network scalability, privacy and customisation in mind.

It can be used either as an on-premises software management platform, or as a cloud solution.

Nuclias Connect

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* Devices require the latest firmware in order to be compatible. Compatible models at the time of writing: DAP-2230, DAP-2310, DAP-2360, DAP-2610, DAP-2620, DAP-2660, DAP-2662, DAP-2680, DAP-2682, DAP-2695, DAP-3315, DAP-3662, DAP-3666.