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Two types of products to suit your business.

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Simple, cloud‑managed networking, without the hassle.

Nuclias Cloud products allow you to manage your network on the go, get an instant overview of live usage and your network's health, delegate access to your teams, see integrated Google Maps which show the locations of your devices, and create Wi-Fi access log-in pages that can be customised with your brand's logo.

 Ready to go Ready to go
Fully-hosted solution with out-of-the-box optimised feature set and dedicated cloud devices.
 Zero-Touch Deployments Easy management
Zero-Touch Provisioning - it's as easy as powering up, plugging in and managing via the Nuclias Cloud app.
 Pay-as-you-grow model Pay-as-you-go
Pay for what you need, with the ability to expand or scale back in line with business demand.

Nuclias Cloud products
Nuclias Connect switches and hub

Customisable network management that you control locally.

Nuclias Connect is network management software for businesses with privacy and security as critical requirements. It can be used either as an on-premises software management platform, or as a cloud solution hosted on a public cloud service.

It also enables you to fully customise your network and can be used to upgrade existing infrastructure as it’s backwards compatible with selected D-Link APs*. It fulfils privacy and security requirements thanks to on-site internal hosting, with user data never leaving your possession.

 Customisable Greater control for on-site resources
Customisable software controller with support for selected D-Link DAP access points.
 App Quick setup and flexibility integration
App and desktop-based deployments, with dedicated Nuclias support teams ready to help you.
 Unlimited Scaling Cost-effective scaling
Grow your network alongside your business with lower total cost of ownership.
Nuclias Connect products

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We offer two solutions as part of the Nuclias family, to match your specific requirements:

Nuclias Cloud in a coffee shop

Simple cloud‑managed networking

Nuclias Cloud is a fully‑hosted solution that’s simple, intuitive, and designed for unlimited scalability. It allows you to manage the entire network from anywhere, anytime, through the easy‑to‑use interface on the Nuclias Cloud app or through a web browser.

Perfect for:
  Small businesses with minimal to no IT team
  Low skill-level knowledge of IT
  Need a simple, scalable setup
 Plug-and-connect deployments

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Customisable local management

Nuclias Connect is our free‑to‑download network management software that's hosted locally. Or use as a cloud solution by hosting on a public cloud service. It’s robust, customisable and delivers cost‑effective scalability and easy integration into existing network infrastructure.

Perfect for:
  Small-to-medium businesses
  Medium knowledge of IT admin
  Need to keep sensitive data on-site
  Requires dedicated on-site resources
  May use existing D-Link APs

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* Devices require the latest firmware in order to be compatible. Compatible models at the time of writing: DAP-2230, DAP-2310, DAP-2360, DAP-2610, DAP-2620, DAP-2660, DAP-2662, DAP-2680, DAP-2682, DAP-2695, DAP-3315, DAP-3662, DAP-3666.