Wireless N150 ADSL2+ Easy Modem Router


  • Product Status: Phased Out
This Wireless N150 ADSL2+ Easy Modem Router (GO-DSL-N150) (Annex A, I, J, L & M) router connects to the Internet using an integrated high-speed ADSL2/2+ interface. Multiple computers at home or the office can share its high-speed Internet connection.

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This Wireless N150 ADSL2+ Easy Modem Router (GO-DSL-N150) (Annex A, I, J, L & M) router connects to the Internet using an integrated high-speed ADSL2/2+ interface. Multiple computers at home or the office can share its high-speed Internet connection. The router provides firewall protection and QoS for secure and smooth online gaming, voice communication, and downloading of photos, files, music, and video over the Internet. Built-in WLAN provides high-speed access for wireless users, while four Ethernet ports provide connection to computers through Ethernet cables.

All-In-One Solution

The Wireless N150 ADSL2+ Easy Modem Router includes everything you need to set up a secure, high-speed Internet connection.

  • Integrated WLAN interface provides speeds up to four times faster than 802.11g
  • Four 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch ports
  • QoS and firewall protection

Ultimate Internet Connection

The Wireless N150 ADSL2+ Easy Modem Router is an affordable high-performance ADSL router for homes and small offices. This router features integrated ADSL2/2+ supporting download speeds of up to 24 Mbps, a high-speed wireless interface, firewall protection, Quality of Service (QoS), and a 4-port switch, all the essentials that a home or small office needs to establish a secure and high-speed remote link to the outside world.

High-Speed Wired and Wireless LAN Connection

The Wireless N150 ADSL2+ Easy Modem Router provides an integrated WLAN interface that supports high wireless speeds and interoperability with 802.11g/b wireless devices on the 2.4 GHz frequency band. It also provides four 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch ports to connect computers. These built-in functions save you the cost and troubleof installing a separate wireless access point and an Ethernet switch.

Firewall Protection and QoS

Security features prevent unauthorized access to your home or office network from Internet intruders. The router provides firewall security using Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and Denial of Service (DoS) attack protection. SPI inspects the contents of all incoming packet headers before deciding what packets are allowed to pass through. Router access control is provided with packet filtering based on port and source/destination MAC/IP addresses. For Quality of Service (QoS), the router supports multiple priority queues to enable a group of home or office users to experience the benefit of a smooth network connection of inbound and outbound data without worrying about traffic congestion. This QoS support allows users to enjoy high-speed ADSL transmission for applications such as VoIP, streaming multimedia, and online games over the Internet.

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ADSL Compliant

  • ƒƒFull ADSL2+/2/1 standards
  • ƒƒAnnex A, I, J, L & M
  • ƒƒANSI T1.413 Issue 2
  • ƒƒITU G.992.1 (G.dmt)
  • ƒƒITU G.992.2 (G.lite)
  • ƒƒITU G.992.3 ADSL2 (G.dmt.bis)+A196
  • ƒƒITU G.992.4 (G.lite.bis)
  • ƒƒITU G.992.5 (G.dmt.bisplus)
  • ƒƒITU G.994.1 (G.hs)
  • ƒƒITU G.995.1
  • ƒƒITU G.996.1
  • ƒƒITU G.997.1
  • ƒƒITU-T K.2.1
  • ƒƒSupport Multimode
  • ƒƒSupport Fast path and Interleave path
  • ƒƒEcho Cancellation
  • ƒƒTrellis Coding
  • ƒƒBit Swapping
  • ƒƒNetwork Timing Reference
  • ƒƒDying Gasp
  • ƒƒDownstream 4 kbps granularity, upstream 32 kbps granularity
  • ƒƒ1-bit constellation
  • ƒƒBit loading on pilot tone
  • ƒƒCPE determining pilot tone
  • ƒƒDual latency independently in each direction
  • ƒƒExtend bit swapping
  • ƒƒInitialization time < 60 sec Masked mode
  • ƒƒMultiple bearers

ATM Support

  • ƒƒMultiProtocol over AAL5 (RFC 1483/2684)
  • ƒƒPPPoA (RFC2364)
  • ƒƒPPPoE (RFC2516)
  • ƒƒVC and LLC Multiplexing
  • ƒƒSupport 8 PVCs
  • ƒƒTraffic Shaping (ATM QoS) UBR, CBR, VBR-rt,VBR-nrt
  • ƒƒOAM F4/F5 loop-back, AIS, and RDI OAM cells
  • ƒƒUNI 3.1/4.0 Permanent Virtual Circuits
  • ƒƒMAC table capacity 256*8 entry
  • ƒƒGFC field
  • ƒƒVPI range 0-255
  • ƒƒVCI range 1-65535
  • ƒƒKeeping of reserved values
  • ƒƒCreating of PTI field
  • ƒƒCreating of CLP field
  • ƒƒCalculating of HEC field
  • ƒƒMeans of VPI/VCI use
  • ƒƒOperational data rate - Upstream
  • ƒƒOperational data rate - Downstream
  • ƒƒPVC statistics
  • ƒƒPrecise Peak Cell Rate traffic shaping on a per-VCC basis

Network Services

  • ƒƒIPv4
  • ƒƒDHCP Server/Relay
  • ƒƒDHCP Client (WAN Port)
  • ƒƒDNS Proxy
  • ƒƒPPPoE
  • ƒƒRFC 2684 Bridging/Routing
  • ƒƒNAT/PAT
  • ƒƒRIP V1/V2
  • ƒƒStatic Routing
  • ƒƒALG
    • ƒƒMSN Messenger
    • ƒƒPPTP
    • ƒƒL2TP
    • ƒƒFTP
    • ƒƒRTSP (RealTime Streaming Protocol)
    • ƒƒSIP v1/v2
    • ƒƒIPSEC
  • ƒƒDMZ
  • ƒƒVirtual Server (Port forwarding)
  • ƒƒSNTP
  • ƒƒPPPoE passthrough (Bridge Interface)
  • ƒƒuPnP IGD 1.0
  • ƒƒQoS
    • ƒƒIPP/ToS
    • ƒƒDSCP QoS in 4-priority queues
    • ƒƒApplication QoS in 4-priority queues
    • ƒƒStrict priority
    • ƒƒVLAN QoS in 4-priority queues
    • ƒƒQoS Remarking based on IPP/ToS, DSCP and 802.1p
    • ƒƒTOS transparency through NAT
    • ƒƒMapping to Queue according to DSCP bits and physical port
    • ƒƒ802.1Q
  • ƒƒIGMP Proxy v1/v2
  • ƒƒIGMP Snooping v1/v2/v3
  • ƒƒPort binding (LAN/WAN/USB/WLAN)
  • ƒƒIP Alias
  • ƒƒVPN (IPSec, PPTP, L2TP) pass-through
  • ƒƒ802.1D MAC Bridge
  • ƒƒIPoA
  • ƒƒEthernet/ADSL/LAN statistics


  • ƒƒNAT and NAPT
  • ƒƒNAT 1024 sessions capacity

Universal plug and play

  • ƒƒUPnP based auto-configuration
  • ƒƒUPnP based port forwardingƒ
  • ƒInternet Gateway Device


  • ƒƒNAT
  • ƒƒPrevent port scanning & illegal packet attack
  • ƒƒDoS Attack protection
  • ƒƒSYN Flooding
  • ƒƒPing of Death
  • ƒƒTeardrop
  • ƒƒLAND attack
  • ƒƒManagement Access Control for LAN/WAN sides
  • ƒƒIP Spoofing
  • ƒƒIP with zero length
  • ƒƒSmurf Attach
  • ƒƒTCP Null Scan
  • ƒƒStateful Packet Inspection(SPI)
  • ƒƒIP filtering
  • ƒƒMAC filtering
  • ƒƒURL filter


  • ƒƒ802.11 g/b with Wireless N properties
  • ƒƒWPS
  • ƒƒMultiple SSIDs
  • ƒƒRate adaptation automatically
  • ƒƒPower saving
  • ƒƒMax channel number
  • ƒƒAuto channel selection
  • ƒƒ WMM support
  • ƒƒ64-bit & 128-bit WEP
  • ƒƒWPA-PSK & WPA2-PSK
  • ƒƒMAC address filtering

Device Management

  • ƒƒWeb Configuration
  • ƒƒTelnet Management
  • ƒƒF/W upgrade
  • ƒƒWeb Page/X-Modem/FTP/TFTP Firmware upgrade
  • ƒƒDiagnostic Tool for ADSL and IP Ping
  • ƒƒTwo user accounts supported
  • ƒƒSetup Wizard

Dimensions (L x W x H)

  • ƒƒ148 x 45 x 112 mm (5.83 x 1.77 x 4.41 inches)


  • ƒƒ450 g (0.99 pounds)

Operating Temperature

  • ƒƒ0 to 40 ˚C (32 to 104 ˚F)

Storage Temperature

  • ƒƒ-20 to 70 ˚C (-4 to 158 ˚F)

Operating Humidity

  • ƒƒ0% to 90%


  • ƒƒCE
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