802.11g Wireless VPN Router


  • Product Status: End of Life


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This product was phased out on: 06/05/2007
This product's last date of support is on: 05/05/2009
Version Date Type File Size
Datasheet - PDF 0.33mb Download
Version Description Date Type File Size
Manual Manual - PDF 9.04mb Download
Version Description Date Type File Size
Snabbinstallationsguide (Engelska) - PDF 2.56mb Download
Version Description Date Type
Firmware v1.05 build 04 1.05 b04 Firmware v1.05 build 04 2005-11-14 - Download
Version Description Date
Print server software PSS Print server software 2004-02-26 Download
Version Description Date
DEU_AD_B1_CEDoc CE Declaration - Download
DEU_AD_A1_CEDoc CE Declaration - Download
DEU_AD_Diagram_RevA Diagram - Download
DEU_AD_VPN_Setup_RevA PPTP Server Setting - Download
DEU_AD_Wireless_Net_RevA Wireless Network Setup - Download