My device says connected under connection status but i cannot get online. Why not?

If you have set a static IP on your PC to access the modem you must set the LAN card to obtain the IP automatically, or using DHCP.


1. Go to Control Panel and Network Icon.

2. Double Click on the TCP/IP for the network card

3. Switch it to Obtain an IP address Automatically

4. Click on OK and restart when asked to.


1. Go to the Control Panel and Network Connections Icon.

2. Right click on the Local Area Connection icon and go to its properties

3. Double click on the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)option.

4. Switch to Obtain an IP address Automatically

5. Click on OK, and OK again to apply the changes.


1. Open System Preferences and click on the Network icon

2. Ensure the location you are currently using is selected, and that the proper device is selected (usually Built-In Ethernet.)

3. Set it to Configure Using DHCP.

4. Click Apply Now.

- In the modem's configuration page ( Setup/Connection1, Ensure the Set route is checked.

- Under Setup/Connection1 in the modem configuration, Ensure that the connection type matches that of your ISP (ie. PPPoA).

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