How do I configure the wireless settings on my DWL-810 wireless bridge?

Step 1 Open your web browser and enter the IPaddress of the DWL-810 ( Enter your username (admin)and your password (nothing) if any. ClickOK.

Step 2 Click on Wireless.

Operation Mode: Use Ad-Hoc ifconnecting to another DWL-810 or a wireless network adapter. Ifconnecting to an access point or a wireless router, useInfrastructure (default).

SSID: Enter the SSID (Service Set Identifier). TheSSID can be up to 32 numbers and/or letters and is case-sensitive.The SSID must be the same on all wireless nodes on the wirelessnetwork. The default SSID is default.

Channel: If in Ad-Hoc mode, make sure the channelis the same as the other wireless nodes. You do not have to set thechannel if in Infrastructure mode.

Transmission Rate: Select the speed (transferrate). For best results, use Automatic.

WEP Enabled: Check if using WEP encryption.

WEP Key Length: If using encryption, choose whatlevel - 64-bit or 128-bit.

Deny Unencrypted Data: If using encryption, checkthis box to deny any request that is not encrypted.

Shared Key Authentication: Check box only whenusing encryption.

Step 3 Click Apply to savesettings.

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