90W AC Redundant Power Supply


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  • Connect to D-Link Ethernet and Gigabit Switches
  • Provide Backup Power for Switch’s Built-in Power Supply
  • Can be Installed as Stand-Alone Power Supply Units or Mounted in 19-Inch Multi- Slots Chassis
  • Hot Swappable When Installed in Chassis
  • Solid Metal Case Housing
  • LED Status Indicators
  • Over Current Protection
  • Up to 90 watts output power

The DPS-300 redundant power supply (RPS) is designed to conform to the wattage requirements of D-Link’s Ethernet and Gigabit switches. It is an external RPS enclosed in a solid metal case with sockets to AC power sources on one end, and connects to the switch’s internal power supply on the other end. It provides a low-cost, simple solution to the problem of an inadvertent failure of the internal power-supply of the Ethernet switch, which can result in the shutdown of that switching device, the devices attached to its ports, or an entire network. Supporting full output power for the switch, this redundant power supply can maximize the power availability of the switching device.

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