1000BaseT to 1000BaseSX (SC) Multimode Media Converter


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The DMC-700SC by D-Link® is a media converter designed to connect 1000BASE-SX fiber to 1000Base-T copper media or vice versa. Based on the IEEE 802.3ab and 802.3z standards, the DMC-700SC is designed for use with multi-mode fiber cable utilising the SC-Type connector. The DMC-700SC supports shortwave (SX) laser specifications at a full wire-speed forwarding rate. Other features of this module include the ability to be used as a standalone device (no chassis required), Auto MDI/MDI-X for TX port, Auto negotiation of duplex mode on TX port, and front panel status LEDs. The DMC-700SC will transmit at extended fiber optic distances utilising multimode fiber up to 550 meters.


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