5‑Port Gigabit PoE‑Powered Smart Managed Switch


  • Status produktu (Revision B): w sprzedaży
  • Powered by PoE, and delivers PoE
  • 2x 100/1000BaseT ports, 2x 100/1000BaseT PoE ports, 1x 100/1000BaseT PoE PD port
  • Layer 2 Management Features
  • Fanless design

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Unlock the benefits of Power over Ethernet
The 5-port DGS-1100-05PD Gigabit PoE-Powered Smart Managed Switch is powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE), making it ideal for deployment in places where no power socket is available.

With its extremely versatile PoE-passthrough feature, it can power 2 additional PoE-enabled devices with a PoE power budget of up to 18W¹.

It comes in a compact desktop-sized metal case with a fanless design for silent operation.

Advanced management features, diagnostic and troubleshooting tools, and energy efficient technologies provide a flexible solution to suit your networking requirements.

Auto Surveillance/Voice VLAN and Bandwidth Control

The DGS-1100-05PD supports Auto Surveillance VLAN (ASV) which ensures the quality of real-time video for monitoring without compromising the transmission of conventional network data.

It also supports Auto Voice VLAN, which is best suited for VoIP deployments. This enhances the VoIP service by automatically placing voice traffic from an IP phone to an assigned VLAN. With the higher priority and individual VLAN, these features guarantee the quality and security of VoIP traffic.

Bandwidth Control can reserve bandwidth on a per port basis for important functions that require a larger bandwidth or have high priority.

Advanced Features

Protect your network with its advanced security features like Static MAC, Storm Control, and IGMP Snooping.

Static MAC allows you to create a MAC whitelist for specific ports, helping you limit network access to authorised devices only. 

Storm Control monitors broadcast, multicast, or unknown unicast traffic and will start blocking or discarding packets that could flood the network when the defined threshold is exceeded. 

IGMP Snooping is able to reduce the loading of L3 multicast routers and save bandwidth in network throughput.

Easy Troubleshooting

Its Loopback Detection and Cable Diagnostics helps find and solve network problems quickly and easily.

Loopback Detection is used to detect loops created by a specific port and automatically shut down the affected port.

The Cable Diagnostics feature is designed to quickly examine the quality of the copper cables, recognise the cable type, and detect cable errors.

Easy to deploy

An intuitive D-Link Network Assistant Utility and a web-based management interface are included with the switch.

The D-Link Network Assistant Utility allows you to discover, and instantly access all switches in the D-Link Smart Managed Switch family within the same L2 network segment without needing to change the IP address of your PC. 

The web-based management interface provides a user-friendly interface that enables you to remotely control your network down to the port level.

¹ When powered by a PoE device supporting 802.3at. PoE power budget when powered by PoE device supporting 802.3af is up to 8 W.

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Specyfikacja techniczna

Rodzaj przełącznika
Zarządzalny Smart
Liczba portów
5 - 10 portów
Layer 2
Rodzaj portów
1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet
Przepustowość przełączania
10 Gbps
Zasilanie przez PoE
Standard PoE
Liczba portów PoE
Budżet PoE
0 do 100W
Chłodzenie pasywne
D-Link Green
802.3az Energy-Efficient Ethernet support
Ramki Jumbo
Diagnostyka kabla
MAC address
Link aggregation
Static trunk
VLAN group (max static)
VLAN type
Advanced VLAN
Auto Surveillance VLAN

Voice VLAN
Number of QoS queues per port
Bandwidth control
8 Kbps minimum granularity
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Product manual Product manual 2014-09-29 PDF 3.90mb Pobierz
2.21 Revision B

Product Manual


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Firmware 1.00.019 (Rev B) - 2016-11-09 Pobierz
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CE doc 1100-05PD 2.00 Revision B1 CE Declaration 2018-09-19 Pobierz
D-Link Network Assistant D-Link Network Assistant 2015-11-18 Pobierz
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