Singularity University (SU) Summit Europe

International congress with 600 attendees and robust Wi‑Fi coverage

Singularity University (SU) Summit Europe

International congress with 600 attendees and robust Wi‑Fi coverage

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The Franz Liszt Academy of Music was the perfect host to leading global national defence experts, thanks to the D-Link Unified Wi-Fi system.

The Event

Singularity University (SU) is based at the NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley.Contrary to its name, Singularity University is not a traditional educational institute: it offers both postgraduate scholarships for young researchers and innovators from all corners of the world and also works with large companies (including Google, Genentech, etc.) to provide a platform for discussing the technological trends unfolding across the globe and their expected consequences.

In November 2013, instead of London, Paris or Berlin, the recently renovated historical building of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music served as the venue for Summit Europe, one of the key global forums on technology and the first European summit of its kind on exponential technologies hosted by Singularity University, established by NASA and Google.

The event was attended by the strategic directors and executive decision-makers of 600 large enterprises from the fields of finance, healthcare and education from more than 50 countries.

"I’m not exaggerating: it was fantastic seeing Singularity here. The entire weekend revolved around science and art, with a strong emphasis on the link between the past and the present." Botond Bognár – Summit Europe – Founding Director, Singularity University Summit Europe, Programme Director.

The Challenge

In line with the event’s high technological profile, we needed to ensure cutting-edge technological solutions for event participants, organisers and the press.

One of the key tasks was to deploy a Wi-Fi network providing continuous coverage without even the slightest interruption, able to accommodate a high load and providing maximum security.

Besides the large number of participants, the building’s attributes (thick walls) and restrictions due to its listed status posed a challenge.

The management of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music opted for a permanent solution capable of meeting all the demands of hosting Summit Europe and also transforming the building into one of Europe’s most highly-equipped venues from a technology point of view.


The main criteria were:

  1. Coverage for the entire building with a single, centrally managed Wi-Fi network
  2. Separate guest Wi-Fi network distinct from the university’s internal Wi-Fi network but using the same infrastructure
  3. Malfunction-resilient solution capable of automatically managing the loss of individual radios, thereby ensuring a continuous Wi-Fi connection
  4. Simultaneous management of hundreds of continuously moving Wi-Fi clients
  5. Management of mainly mobile phone and tablet Wi-Fi clients
  6. Flexible scalability to meet the Wi-Fi demands of large-scale events at an affordable cost

The solution

The management of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music opted for the D-Link Unified Wireless solution, which met all criteria and could be installed in a short amount of time thanks to the computer-assisted preliminary assessment, offering considerable savings over the alternatives.

The system’s central element is the D-Link DWS- 3160-24PC Layer 2 Unified Wireless Switch tasked with the management of Wi-Fi Access Points and which is integrated into the LAN, whilst also providing the power supply to the Access Points. Twenty DWL-6600AP Dual-Band Unified Wireless N Access Points were installed at the end-points.

Most of them were installed at their final location, with a few devices installed temporarily in high-traffic areas (atrium, main conference room).

‘‘We used both bands of the dual-band devices. During the event, university staff required the usual wireless service, so we used the multiSSID function to provide 4 networks with different VLAN backgrounds and internet connections." - Sándor Kuti, Head of IT, Franz Liszt Academy of Music

DGS-1210-28P Smart Managed PoE switches ensure power supply for APs located further from the central switch.


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