ACE Telecom Case Study

WifiZone ‑ Wireless revolution in community areas CNEE Region, Hungary

ACE Telecom Case Study

WifiZone ‑ Wireless revolution in community areas CNEE Region, Hungary

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According to the World Economic Forum report the world is moving in a direction over the next 10 years where two things will be certainly be available to people. Everyone will have a digitial connection to any device they need - moreover it will be availale anywhere and anytime - and via countless analysing tools we will be able to use the retrieved information to the benefit of our everyday life. Internet usage grows rapidly thanks to the supercomputers in our pockets which allow us to have nearly unlimited storage capacity. In 2025, the IoT (Internet of Things) is going to exceed the 100 billion threshold in terms of the number of connected devices. 

Wi-Fi for all, everywhere

 Indeed mobile broadband is available everywhere but it is expensive. People are looking for quality free Wi-Fi services everywhere they go. Although it‘s not hard to find, the desired quality, bandwidth and security are not always guaranteed. The WifiZone provided by ACE Telecom adjusts its service to answer the people‘s needs and it offers fast and secure browsing opportunities in the most visited parts of Budapest. 

The system is designed to be secure and it works completely separately from the inside network on the site so that data protection is granted. The bandwidth, the type and number of devices are defined by the number of users in the system so it can perfectly satisfy both the customers‘ and operator‘s needs. There is a captive portal especially developed to control and identify the users. The network is designed to comply with all international standards so it meets with even the harshest hotel requirements. 
On the front page is a uniquely designed captive portal, and the users have to register first (via email or Facebook) before they can get online.  Thus, the indentification is assured and if it‘s necessary connections can be retrieved. 

The portal offers an exciting direct marketing tool which can be used for business purposes. The Wi-Fi service is free for the customers, however maintaining it can still be profitable for the operator. WifiZone‘s direct marketing tool provides advertising space. It can show questionnaires, banners and videos to the users who are logged in to the network. Knowing and understanding the guests and staying in touch with them offers new possibilities. Information can be collected anonymously and using that information targeted advertisements can be sent to customers while they enjoy free connection which is faster than mobile Internet. If they need enhanced speed they can choose between two affordable options: a time based or a usage based subscription to the captive portal. 

WifiZone Hotspots

WifiZone hotspots can be found in almost every mall in Budapest, in numerous restaurants, even in event houses like: SYMA Hall, Westend City Center, Lurdy House, NH Hotel, Hotel Adina, the Uránia Cinema, or the City Park Ice Rink. The network grows dynamically and soon there will be thousands of Access Points (APs) all around Budapest to serve customers. Every system is based on D-Link‘s DWL-6600 Unified Access Points, and managed by a D-Link DWC-2000 Unified Wireless Controller that guarantees reliable and continuous connections. 

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