D‑Link collaborates with aQuestora

Local project providing switches for consumer glass fibre networks

D‑Link collaborates with aQuestora

Local project providing switches for consumer glass fibre networks

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aQuestora is a neutral, independent operator which operates glass fibre networks and carries services such as internet, telephony and TV for service providers. As a result, aQuestora is the most innovative and successful glass fibre provider in Brabant and Limburg. In this region the company distinguishes itself from the competition by concentrating on service provision via the network. One of aQuestora‘s motivating factors is the company‘s enthusiasm to provide people in suburbs and remote villages with fast and reliable internet connections.

The challenge: Switches for glass fibre

In early 2013 aQuestora was looking for an IT partner that saw local projects as a challenge and a step-up to more national applications. Up until this point, D-Link had scarcely been active in the field of switches on consumer glass fibre networks. Glass fibre offers a practically unlimited bandwidth that is limited only by the throughput speed of the equipment. The process of selecting a supplier of network switches was therefore a very thorough one.

The solution: Switches from D-Link

aQuestora was already familiar with D-Link‘s very extensive portfolio of network products from early on, and for this reason, D-Link earned a place on the shortlist. Following a comprehensive selection procedure which also included the involvement of other well-known brands, the final decision went to D-Link.

The result: 5,000 active ports

During implementation of the network products, D-Link was able to react quickly to specific questions. For instance, aQuestora had a feature request which D-Link responded to in just two weeks, with software written specially for the company. That is the kind of service that makes the difference for aQuestora.

The future

June 2013 saw the first set of D-Link products installed in the network, and everything has been running pretty much faultlessly since then. None of the hundreds of switches that have been installed have dropped out, and that has to be unique. Plans for future collaboration now include significant expansion and shared growth, with the process over recent months and the partnership with D-Link providing a blueprint for the coming years.

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