D-Link unveils high-speed, up to 20 km long-range wireless bridges

Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connection solutions that overcomes the challenges of rural areas and tricky terrain to supply stable, high-speed connectivity over vast distances

23 juli, 2021

DAP-3711 5km Long Range Wireless AC Bridge and DAP-3712 20 km Long Range Wireless AC Bridges
(DAP-3711 and DAP-3712)

D-Link, a global leader in network technologies, today announces two new additions to its family of connectivity solutions. The new 5km long-range Wireless AC Bridge (DAP-3711) and 20km Long Range Wireless AC Bridge (DAP-3712) are designed to offer highly resilient, stable, and fast connectivity to previously impossible-to-reach areas in both urban and rural environments.   

Built with industry-leading core technologies and specifically designed for long-distance coverage, the DAP-3711 and DAP-3712 are equipped with high-gain 15 and 23 dBi directional antennas. These enable high-speed, stable network coverage equivalent to a wired connection of up to 5km and 20 km away, respectively, ideal for setting up video surveillance or wireless access in remote locations as well as across cities and rural towns.

The DAP-3711 and DAP-3712 offer transfer speeds of up to 867 Mbps and designed with TDMA technology, which filters out interference by creating a schedule for the bridge’s access point and the client. Transmissions are allocated a time slot, eliminating data collisions and cutting down interference to maximise airtime efficiency and transfer rates. What’s more, the new launches also come with built-in 128-bit personal and enterprise wireless encryption to support end-to-end security.

Designed especially to withstand a wide range of outdoor environments, the DAP-3711 and DAP-3712 are enclosed in robust IP66-rated, water-resistant and dust-tight housings, as well as in-built 8 kV surge protection. Ideal for shielding networks in all-weather events and harsh environments, these combined design features allow the DAP-3711 and DAP-3712 to be deployed wherever needed to guarantee consistent connectivity.

The new wireless bridges support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and come with a PoE injector included. This allows network managers to run a single cable connection and for devices to be installed quickly and effortlessly without the need to run separate power lines.

Key Features:

  • Allows to wirelessly connect networks and devices of up to 5km and 20km distance apart
  • High-gain directional antennas provide fast, stable, and long-range wireless coverage
  • High speeds and consistent coverage that filters out interference with TDMA technology
  • IP66-rated water-resistant and dust-tight housing allows for deployment in harsh outdoor conditions
  • Power over Ethernet makes for a cleaner installation with power and network connectivity over one cable
  • 8 kV surge protection protects your network against unexpected surges, such as lightning strikes
  • Blazing 5 GHz wireless AC speeds of up to 867 Mbps
  • 128-bit personal and enterprise wireless encryption for a more secure network