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mydlink. A helping hand around your home.

Wat is mydlink?

Houd uw huis en uw thuisnetwerk in de gaten terwijl u afwezig bent

De online portal biedt u vanaf elke locatie ter wereld toegang tot uw mydlink apparaten en stelt u in staat ze op afstand te bedienen. U kunt snel en eenvoudig aan de slag.

Tell mydlink what to do.

Get the chores done with a tap of your finger. Turn grouped gadgets on and off remotely, control them individually, combine with Google Assistant or Alexa for voice control, create One-Tap automatic routines for your appliances to save your time and energy.

Control from anywhere

Keep an eye on your home while you’re away, save your favourite memories to the cloud, use your smart home gadgets from wherever you are.

Setup in no time

Download the free app. Add your smart home products. Tell Google Assistant or Alexa where your gadgets are if you’d like them to help you too.

Wat u allemaal kunt doen

Bedien en controleer uw met mydlink™ verbonden Home apparaten met uw smartphone of tablet. Schakel de verlichting of een apparaat op afstand in of uit met een tik op een knop, of zorg ervoor dat ze automatisch op bepaalde tijdstippen in- of uitgeschakeld worden door een schema in te stellen.

Never miss a moment with cloud recording

Find out who's been at the cookie jar. Save camera footage to the cloud, and watch it anywhere and any time. Find any clip you want by filtering your recordings by Event Type, Date, Device, and Location.

Shocking electricity bills?

mydlink smart automations help you get a grip on your power consumption. Monitor appliance energy use with automated alerts to your mobile device. Automatically turn off devices that exceed set power limits.

Control access

mydlink lets you control access to your smart home with Access List. Enjoy peace of mind by restricting access to specific devices and viewing your approved list of devices at a glance.

App Store     Google play

Connect your device

Power up your smart home gadget to bring it to life.

Create your account

Use the free mydlink app to add it to your account.


Use on the go

Access your smart home gadgets from anywhere on your phone or tablet.


Supports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT

Google Assistant y Alexa pueden ayudarle en casa con una amplia gama de dispositivos D-Link para el hogar inteligente. 

Con la enorme biblioteca IFTTT de acciones que se pueden utilizar con los productos caseros inteligentes de mydlink, puede crear fácilmente sus propias combinaciones para que sus gadgets trabajen juntos.


mydlink is compatible with home automation assistants  Works with the Google Home  Works with Amazon Alexa  Works with IFTTT

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