How to share and stream content to any device using the D‑Link ShareCenter™ 2‑Bay Cloud Network Storage Enclosure (DNS‑320L)

Watch, view and share anywhere

A media storage device is fast becoming a popular addition to many digital home network, as it provides a convenient way to share your favourite music, photos and other digital data without having to use memory sticks or move files between different devices. They can also be used to backup data stored on home PCs and laptops, to ensure that all the media you treasure is kept safe.

Now there’s yet another reason for buying a storage device. D-Link’s ShareCenter™ 2-Bay Cloud Network Storage Enclosure (DNS-320L) which, as well as enabling you to share files and back them up, also gives you and others access to your digital data from any Internet-connected device via your own personal cloud. The ShareCenter™ can stream multimedia too, with a Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) certified media server included as standard, your music, photos and movies, can be streamed direct to any DLNA compatible media player, including a Sony PlayStation 3, a Microsoft Xbox 360 or Boxee Box by D-Link.

Build your own personal home network

The ShareCenter™ allows you to access your content from any Internet-connected device, making it the heart of your digital home. During the setup process you will be prompted to set up a mydlink™ account which will require you to provide your email address and a password, that’s all! You can then connect to your ShareCenter™ from any internet enabled device anywhere in the world and access your movies, music, photos and documents easily through the mydlink™ portal or via the free mydlink™ Access-NAS app.

Can we add screen shots of the set-up process?

Download the mydlink™ app for iPhones®, iPads® and Android™ mobile devices and it gives you free and easy access to all of the content on your ShareCenter™. Instantly access, stream, upload and download files, photos, music and videos that are stored in your ShareCenter™ from your Smartphone or tablet PC wherever you are.

Screenshots of the App?

Via the web portal you can remotely manage your files and folders, download and upload, delete files and folders and check the status of your ShareCenter™ remotely, from any web connected device. Another great benefit of the ShareCenter™ is that you can manage the access rights to protect your children, friends or staff by ensuring they can only access appropriate content. You can even limit how much space you give to different users to prevent the kids from filling up your ShareCenter™ with all of their music and films. There’s also a special Photo Center where you can create albums, slideshow and share photos with friends by email or even post them to Facebook.

Storage Capacity

As with other D-Link ShareCenter™ products, the 2-Bay Cloud Network Storage Enclosure is both quick and easy to get up and running. It can take any Hard Drive of up to 3TB in size.

That’s enough space for 960,000 digital photos, 750,000 music tracks*, 750** DVD-quality movies or 300 HD movies!

The ShareCenter™ 2-Bay Cloud Network Storage Enclosure (DNS-320L) is a lot more than just a network storage appliance. Register it with the mydlink™ Cloud Services, download the free app and you will have the power to watch, view and share your favourite content anywhere, from any Internet-connected device.

* Based on a typical 4 minute music track
** Based on a movie duration of 2 hours

How to share and stream content to any device using the D‑Link ShareCenter™ 2‑Bay Cloud Network Storage Enclosure (DNS‑320L)

Watch, view and share anywhere